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Modern Business Today

As administrator of my own businesses like everyone always thought that the best way was: have an Office downtown, modern, well equipped and decorated. Also believed that part of doing business, truly was having an appropriate personnel: Secretaries, clerks, salesmen and a counter. I always thought that to complement my business should exit at main stations of radio, television, major newspapers, with expensive warnings. So it seemed necessary to create a corporate image. Always keep the best level of relations with customers and potential customers.

Working in the traditional way, plating to old moulds of typical, ancestral business and that is what apparently gave the best results. I lived paying expensive premises, enormous rates of light and water, telephone. I had also to pay secretariats which contributed very little to the emergence of the business, but that they charged me promptly, thus not work and even stole the books of marketing that I had in my Office library. The sellers were dishonest, closed a contract and remained with the majority of new clients ‘ money, making me look very bad.I ended up assuming the cost and gave the service lost the first share, dismissing the promoters thieves of course. The phone company was another headache, sending me receipts for month-end overloaded, showing me that he had made international calls and had to pay more than normal. He claimed that he had not called anyone abroad and told me: pay first, then reclaimed. So one day came to my Office a cranky guy with airs of grandeur and us underwent a kind of police interrogation, wondering who was the owner, number of RUC had, who establishing service prices, as the counter, etc. was called As this individual came another day a lady to tell us he knew we were illegal, she had testing, that we was going to denounce for selling used and new books.

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