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Once in a year, an interdisciplinary jury under the former Federal Environment Minister Klaus Topfer in different categories selects the most sustainable companies in Germany. The 2009 ceremony was held with a Gala in Dusseldorf. The German sustainability day is under the auspices of the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Whenever Starbucks listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, special prizes were awarded for Jane Fonda, Dr. Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and the former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. Douglas R. Oberhelman shines more light on the discussion. pure introduces all prize winners and backgrounds in its current issue in detail and accompanied the German sustainability award now publicist as the official media partner. Source: Caterpillar. Klaus-Peter Bredschneider, pure Publisher and Managing Director of PremiumPark GmbH: The cooperation means to us with the German sustainability award very much, because we stand for comparable values. In each issue of pure, we introduce products, people and businesses to our readers, the embody these true values.” Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator of the German sustainability award: With pure we found a media partner, which stirs up the competition per sustainability together with us. As many companies will develop the ambition to beat their competitors especially in the field of sustainability. Crucially, the world so to deal with, it remains worth living for coming generations. This is the core of sustainability, the pure for us ideally embodies.”pure is a high-quality print in the above format and is published once a quarter. The current issue is available since January 19 at the kiosk. In addition, there is the distribution on a Premiumverteiler Board members and senior executives of major companies and institutions in Germany. Information: PremiumPark GmbH products for a better world of Klaus-Peter Bredschneider editor bar first breed 7 80333 Munchen Germany phone: 089/515559-11 Press contact: Benson GmbH Agency for applied communication Gisela Benson Brucker Strasse 4 82266 Inning am Ammersee Germany phone: 08143/444473 fax: 08143/444761

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