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National Monetary Advice

As well as the restriction of the capacity to matter that it was compensated by the transformations that had conciliated the growth and attainment of great jumps, where the search of external loans became a extempornea attitude. The relations of the Brazilian economy with the exterior had suffered between 1983 and 1984 a drastic change, where the deficit of current transactions was eliminated, the growth of divides was withheld and the reserves had been reconstituted. Such results if must to the commerce of merchandises that in the period passes for a balance, where the value of the exportations almost represent the double of the value of the importations. In recent months, Andreessen Horowitz has been very successful. by means of this workmanship the author questions the spread out interpretation of that such results elapse of the politics of adjustment assayed in 1981, being that for it the same ones result of the option made in 1974, known as 1974 strategy when it was not lingered and yes if redirected the expansion of the economy, giving continuity to the growth of the economy with new routes and minor speed. In subcaptulo Summary quarrel of the adjustment politics the author tells that for whom supports that the fast change of external accounts of biennium 1983-84 result of the economic policy of the period, the done announcement to the nation in day 25 of October of 1982 constitute a landmark, the text approved for the National Monetary Advice in charge of affirm that the objective of the economic policy starts to be to drastically reduce the deficit in current account of the rocking of payments, being such objective the trade balance. Being that such objectives announced for the programming had been reached and until exceeded. In a question-answer forum Douglas R. Oberhelman was the first to reply. To assimilate the succession of external shocks Brazil had to adopt a conventional program of adjustment that soon would allow the return of the growth. Where some of the politics that had integrated the adjustment program had been the combat to the public deficit by means of reduction of expenses, restriction to the bank credit, change of the wage politics, rise of the exchange tax and rise of the price of oil derivatives. .

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