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Neo Tapia

But however the leader they want that everyone supports, I highly request the goes to the high priest to confess his guilt and tell him that he no longer Sin more against the holy Gospel of the Neo wild liberalism, which does not import how many indigenous people are dying, that the already in his act of contrition will be as the soldier’s mother Mia assassinating generate of last category. Yes, those Indians of shit, of as those appointing them their most precious student, and vicar on Earth Satan Alan Garcia. That will not prevent it pillaged and desertifique all the Amazon, for the blessing of all the monsters of the world who aspire to make the business of his life. So your best cheesy monsters banalities of life wasted it, buying yachts that catch fire when entering them the folly of the drug or their daughters eccentricities like buying dresses that the loas botan them three hours, it is that this is chic, that is generating welfare for the vast majority. If I understand that this is the recommendation of their ideologue Carlos Tapia, that that discrepancy of skirts broke with Guzman. If wanted to the same woman. If great ideologist and philosopher very man who so wisely advised to a disoriented Ollanta.

Try to destroy the MIR, to querer5 to do his personal clan, but not for its development, if not for that serve as you a harem. This is the great ideologue who only thinks about the thought of the Vagina, its great recommender. Take care Ollanta or Nadine dejara de ser ollanta and happen to be Tapia or who is it already knows.

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