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Olympic Games

There are many ways to protect the press. I will try to describe them in more detail. Just specify in this business I was about 5 years, beginning with the courier, then worked as a manager for help on sovmestitelsvu proizvodsve now Owner LLC, I do not pretend to the role of an academician, and I can not know everything, but then learned that over the years, I would like to express, in this article, I hope it will be useful. I do not know who will be targeted, 'Big Bos' company, the main accountant, manager of the firm or a simple secretary, who commissioned to produce print 'more difficult', I'll try to make sure that it was equally useful to all. JPMorgan Chase understands that this is vital information. I will not allocate a particular way of protecting and will try to explain the merits of each, as well as its drawbacks: 1) Two-color printing: She may be three and four-and. Two colors can be produced by laser engraving (cut the pillow in the machine) You can do three-color and there, but it is a challenge, because you must manually fill in the pillow, and it requires surgical precision. Pros multicolor printing: an attacker would have to be if it did not flash Printing cut the pillow under your seal, it is quite difficult, because you want to pick up a print size and its location is relatively inexpensive technology, with regard to 'stick' for example you have 5.3 colors, this print is much harder to forge, to find the right color, still need to find a manufacturer, but not everyone will take up such a seal, it is difficult and expensive. I would like to recall, for example, to print the Olympic Games, about 5 colors and it is coming, not Try to use a rainbow in the press, believe me, it's ugly, you have the same print, but not with easel painting.

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