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The ideal alternative for beginners and advanced on the piano are many people interested in to learn playing the piano, but not everyone wants to develop works of Mozart or Beethoven of the score sheet, but play better songs from radio, TV and the charts on the instrument. Music schools and colleges the music capital of Vienna focus at the piano often on classical music, which for many students the fun of playing piano on the track remains in the long term. The Viennese pianist Roman Sillipp knows the problem all too well: as a classical pianist trained at the Vienna Music Academy, included hours daily repertoire of piano teaching sound Leite beets and finger exercises. “Actually I would have played much better the songs, I heard with my friends at parties…” recalls Roman Sillipp on his piano studies. If you would like to know more about Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala, then click here. He taught only self-taught interpreting pop – and Rockmusic himself following his training in conjunction with other musicians.

Now twenty years later, as the professional musicians on numerous engagements as stage and studio musicians can look back for national and international artists, he developed a modern concept of education for aspiring and advanced piano students, which covers the entire range of popular and rhythmic music on the keyboard by pop and rock on soul and funk Boogie Woogie, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. The unique teaching methods make it possible to play a familiar song without notes on the keys already in the first lesson. “I could play many of my favorite songs already after a short time at the piano.”, Michael U. reported his experience in the piano lessons. “We have played well known songs, without long practice scales.

Here yet not too short have the theoretical foundations. “, added Werner N. on the teaching practice of the Viennese piano teacher.” It is important to me that the students have quick success and long term fun and joy at playing the piano. By simple teaching methods in a professional environment is easy and playful way to achieve this goal “, says Roman Sillipp and receives his next disciple in his Viennese Music Studio…

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