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Plato Slap-up

The Slap-up meal: A Reading to the confines of the Philosophy INTRODUCTION Of innumerable workmanships concerning the thought of Plato, with certainty the Slap-up meal is one of the most argued and spoken. Inside of this perspective this work wants to take the reader more an interpretation concerning the workmanship, and, for in such a way we do not lock up in this work all the possible quarrels that if can make of the workmanship, but of the opposite we want to open each time more quarrels concerning a so rich and marcante workmanship. The outcome of this work is given and interpretativa form, in another way, let us not tie in them in wanting to reflect each dialogue categorically, but this work wants to turn around of the central focus given by Plato, namely, the philosophical scene that Plato evokes in them in its dialogue. 1.1 – What it is hidden for detrs of the scene. When reading the Slap-up meal is us clearly that Plato argued what of better existed in its time, namely, the poetry, and the daily pay-socrticos, is on these two biases that Plato constructs to all its philosophy. The Slap-up meal this repleto of this reality, I still contend inside of the aspect of the poetry one strong mythical identification. To read the Slap-up meal as if was a followed scene and continues you are welcome in would say seno to them one supper between friends, but Plato since beginning of the workmanship announces something great supreme for the construction it knowledge and pra the philosophical reflection, namely, the great influence of Plato is Scrates, and, therefore it is it central focus of all the slap-up meal that turns all around of its figure. During developing of the plot mentioned for Plato we see some personages interesting as: Agato, the host of the party; Fedro; Aristfanes; Eriximaco, the doctor; Pausnias; Alcibades, the drunk; Scrates.

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