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Letter to the President of the Republic, sent in 29 of January of 2010, saw email. Rio De Janeiro, 28 of January of 2010. Exo Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula DD. President of the Republic. It has males that they come to good! I lament, and I sincerely lament the attack of hipertenso suffered for V. Exa. After all, it is not just that it now abandons in them in way to a sea of problems, without giving a solution for them.

I advise V. Exa. to initiate its treatment looking for a hospital of the SUS. There, V. Exa. case will be taken care of readily by a doctor specialized in its.

Until there excellent, without no critical one. But let us assume that Mr. comes to need remedies? a) The remedies alone will be supplied to it if the prescription will be written in a paper of the SUS for a medium of the SUS. Very well! (supported). If thus it was not, in a full country of thieves as ours, it would have people removing remedies of the SUS to resell them; b) The remedies can be supplied, one for the State others for the city, in the addresses that they will be supplied by the Public Defensoria. 1 – These addresses are in extreme points of the city. 2 – Esteem time of wait in each one of these distributions 6h, exactly being aged as I (82 years and, therefore with preferential attendance), without counting to the time expense with the transport. c) None of the addresses the requested remedies have all. d) To look the Public prosecution service to enter in justice being asked for the reimbursement of the value of the missing remedies. e) Finally, it comes there of the problem solution: V. Exa. it will have that to wait, in any of the two distributions, 60 days to receive the verdict from the Judge, who could be positive or negative. This in my land calls DEBAUCH. To mark for 60 days the reply to one hipertenso with respect to its medication IS DEBAUCH. It is to bet with letters marked in the funeral of the unfortunate person. Of high of mine the 82 years, massacreed for a retirement desrespeitosamente pungada by the State (that if thus he was not would save me of all these problems), attacked in my rights, disrespected in my citizenship, enxovalhado in my character, having that to ask for money to the children not to die of hunger, I dare to make a suggestion to it. It orders to mainly eliminate old and the pensioners who as many problems cause the V. Exa. Currently it has many forms of humanitarian elimination. It will be better that to kill them of hunger and humilhao as it is making V. Exa., and I guarantee to it that the increase of the revenues of ours will have a so fast proceeding how much politicians.

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