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Product Ideas Become Reality

Inventors are without much effort is now possible for anyone. Not everyone was ever in a situation where he has asked: if I now had something with which you… or if there was only something with which you… Maybe you have an idea of how you would solve the Alltagsproblem at this very moment. But know not how to the idea umseten to or has simply don’t have the necessary time or enough money around this idea to realize and to market.

The obstacles for development and commercialization of a new product are almost impossible for individuals. The idea to sell his idea to a major manufacturer are subject to the risk that the manufacturer takes up the idea and adapted itself takes over. Therefore, many ideas that could be possibly economically successful be discarded again. For this reason the UnoRoyal from the Lower Saxony Palmes was founded. UnoRoyal wants to make these ideas exactly reality. Submitting the product idea is free of charge and the inventor or Product ideas is should there be a production, involved in the later sales. In three Entwicklungswetbewerben can participate everyone in the product development and is involved in the case of a prize of competition of later sales.

However, not only the winners of the competitions and the inventor will get a reward. All activities of the members of the community will be rewarded with a points system. These points can be redeemed later into a merchandise voucher to the jointly developed products cigars.com to buy. Product ideas can be submitted on the homepage of UnoRoyal after a free registration and are of course confidential.

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