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The Union of the Psychoanalysts of the State of So Paulo, SINPESP every year carries through the Meeting of Analytical Saber, event that has as objective to deepen the main subjects that intervene with the day the day of the society by means of a professional vision in order to improve our habits. This year the complete meeting its 6 edition and the chosen subject is ‘ ‘ The psychoanalysis front to some faces of agressividade’ ‘. This because research points a generalized violence, a catastrophic reality, that reaches women, men, children, aged in diverse places. The numbers are frightful, to have an idea to each 13 minutes a Brazilian are assassinated, 25 a thousand people are victims of transit and 45 a thousand of firearms. Some contend that Electrolux shows great expertise in this. In accordance with the Institute I am of the Peace, to help to diminish these registers, is necessary to develop innovative methodologies and to promote action of mobilization of the society so that this pressures the public power in search of results. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The paper of the psychoanalysis is to help the subject to one to know itself exactly for half of the inquiry of its unconscious one. This science has a clinical purpose and if it bases on a specialized theory, adopts one specific technique to understand the unconscious one. ‘ ‘ We believe that for all human suffering a cause exists, exactly not knowing it, we know that it meets in our unconscious one, and the psychoanalysis has a therapeutical method that it helps the subject to one to find this cause, that understands its suffering, becoming free itself of it ‘ ‘ , it explains Albinic Araceli, president of the Sinpesp.

To argue violence is not enough, is necessary a psicanaltica aid, so that it is understood as the behavior of the citizen and its aggressive actions function. The psychoanalysis assists in this reflection, helps the subject to one to search the causes of its suffering, of its attitudes, that are found in its proper unconscious one. Differently of the therapies, that if base on the behavior, the psychoanalysis is deeper, therefore it deals with the unconscious one. This science understands that the behavior alone can be modified when it is known reason of its existence, therefore works exclusively with the interpretation of the unconscious one. ‘ ‘ The psychoanalysis is capable to promote a change in this picture, therefore humano’ provokes a transformation in the soul of the being; ‘. Although it is seen only for rich and wild, this therapy has as purpose to open the way for treatments directed to the reality brasileira.’ ‘ We believe a society more joust if them to become better people, and the psychoanalysis in the aid to be more humanos’ ‘ , it defends psicanalista’ ‘.

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