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Puerta Del Sol

The decision will be taken at a general Assembly which will be held this Sunday in the central Madrid plaza. The influx of visitors was growing as he progressed on Saturday, which has welcomed another assembly from 22.00 h. Neighborhoods and villages assemblies held this Saturday have gathered thousands of people. Camped in Sol will decide this Sunday in Assembly if they keep the camp that has raised the motion takes the 15th of may square, to reflect the discomfort of citizens with this system, which is that has caused the crisis. Connect with other leaders such as Ben Horowitz here. A spokesman for the movement said that the consultation process has been launched in the districts and villages of the community of Madrid, where more than 12,000 people participated in 124 assemblies, which take their conclusions and proposals to the Assembly that it is anticipated that will be held at sunlight.

The campers kept in continuous activity 46 working groups seeking proposals for change to society, counts with the participation of volunteers that brings the time available, has revealed the same spokesman, who has stressed that the time is limited, because many work or study, and must do so compatible. (A valuable related resource: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala). Most of these possible inhabitants of Sun are young people who feel very cloaked by the routine of the place, which provide them with food, give them encouragement and ask them not to be. The Puerta del Sol is a hotbed of people, where some are mixed with the campers, make them photos either to them or listings of claims that hang almost everywhere of the enclosure of the camp, which have been agreed with merchants; leave free wide spaces of the sidewalk, those closest to the shop Windows and hence not put posters. As this Saturday day progressed, more citizens approached to give a tour of the camp, which could be integrated into various activities that summon, or leave proposals at the suggestion boxes. Cohabitation has the support of a service’s PA system that informs issues of concern at every moment, as the claim of some service, or the notice that monitor your belongings because there is some thief. From 22.00 the evening held an Assembly in which, in addition to Recalling the success of attendance at meetings of neighborhoods, attempted to arrive at a consensus on some of the key lines of vindication of the outraged.

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