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Raul Baduel Government

The chavistas constantly we are accused to follow with the closed eyes everything what Chvez does, does not have any more remote of the reality and it shows is enough to name the Reformation Constitutional, which demonstrates that the chavistas we are critics with the government, unlike the opponents who do not matter in question, if they are of the government are against; but the case is but serious than it seems, because if there is some famous chavista, this it is labeled as any thing, from homosexual, thief, ignorant, tracalero and even meretriz son, but that same personage leaves the chavismo and jumps the talanquera and he becomes competing, immediately happens to be a citizen of honorable, examples hundreds: Cardinal red Miquilena, Rosendo, Aryans, Baduel, Ismael Garci’a, Ramon Martinez, William Ojeda; Pablo Medina and stops to count. – But this worsens even more if the saltador of talanquera is that it has been indicated or a penal inquiry in his has begun against, immediately if the man changes of side, is that for means and the opposites to this process, it is a victim to which the government wants to harm, the best example of it is Raul Baduel; who in addition would seem that now it has a club of fans of opponents. – It is for that reason that I do this recommendation to him to Juan Barreto and Eduardo Manuitt; if they want that a gratuitous campaign in many radio and television channels is done to them, where they include whole newspaper pages, go immediately to the opposition and they will obtain all it; now if they do not follow this simple advice, I augur way a very badly to them, because the chavistas we want to see as the corrupt ones fall, are of the side that are and will be very few the voices that arise to defend them; but It will dawn and We will see..

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