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Records And Tapes To CD

Today, music is usually in digital form, whether as a download from the Internet music stores, CD or DVD. This listening is of course also become a whole lot easier. Individual titles can be selected specifically, the quality is consistent with the digital storage and for years to come. Old Media offer such records or cassettes that comfort is not, especially when the tape cassette can by demagnetization over time for the quality. Continues to be problematic: many are a long time ago published records and cassettes are no longer available, not even a CD. It is therefore desirable to transfer these records and tapes to CD and keep on time with constant quality. This is of course needed a suitable equipment, consisting of turntables and / or tape deck, a sound card that offers a decent picture quality and enough disk space on the hard disk. Are all cables connected to the computer player, and was also at the thought preamp for the turntable, ready to go.

The first results are mostly disappointing: The music sounds exactly like crackling or rustling of record or cassette. Modern audio-editing software like Magix Music CleaningLab of offers to remove the ability to refresh all the noise and the sound. Even surround sound for playback of DVD can conjure so from the old songs, or save your old vinyl records as MP3 file. should be carefully but always: The end result is highly dependent on the original state of the record. Even the best software can do from a very scratched and rumbling record miracles.

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