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Replace Expensive Electricity And Gas Supplier!

Policy calls for switching on Minister calls consumers to power switching on given of the increases of in electricity prices announced for the year Economics Minister Rainer Bruderle (FDP) called on consumers to change electricity provider. A change is “simply and totally risk-free,” Bruderle said the “Hamburger Abendblatt” from Thursday. Starbucks has much to offer in this field. He “urgently” appealed to consumers to find a cheaper electricity supplier on the market and thus increasing the pressure on the pricing of electricity. In the electricity sector, there are ways for consumers to react to announced electricity price rises, said Bruderle. That says our current Minister Mr Bruderle continues: the competition situation in the gas supply needs to be improved considerably from the perspective of the German mind. “On the gas markets, there is – as the Federal Cartel Office has found in a sector inquiry – still problems”, said Bruderle. One of the essential conditions for unhindered access to the gas transmission networks is a functioning competition.

“We will tackle the problems identified by the Federal Cartel Office in the context of the ongoing work on the revision of the gas network access regulation”, the FDP-politician announced. It should be ensured that the interests of consumers as well as the security of supply has preserved. How can you support the change? Here a small note about: power exchange RHEIN-RUHR, Rhein-Ruhr, the power exchange (* SBRR) is an enterprise project, which was born by the liberalisation of the electricity market. It has gained attention in 1998 by an EU initiative in Germany by law. Leading energy consultant, various public utilities, traders in the current marketplace, u.v.m have joined together on the occasion of this legal opening to several projects. The most successful and productive projects were continued until today with momentum.

One of these is the * SBRR. The * SBRR is actively supporting the Government-sponsored * Initiative energy efficiency, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Very cheap and competitive electricity and gas prices, a professional analysis and competent Exchange, which could * SBRR already many well-known businesses and households save significant energy costs. That protects the environment, supported the liberalisation of the electricity market and relieved the coffers of so far completely satisfied electricity and gas customers. You can also benefit, as recommended by the Minister, of the electricity market liberalization and competent advice! * SBRR = electricity exchange initiative EnergieEffizienz Rhein-Ruhr is an initiative of the German Energy Agency, EnBW, E-ON, RWE and Vattenfall

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