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Robert Kiyosaki

Think about it, where will be the market in the future? Today internet is part of the daily life of many people, but in the near future, there will be much more percentage of population who use internet daily. That is why that increasingly more the market will change. Start to create your dreams before working to create the dreams of others. Inform you of how you can make money because it is something that you do not explain in the race. Not I, say Robert Kiyosaki says you (in the section on Network marketing is explained). Do you think that the only way to make money is to study hard and find a good job? or tightening you belt all your life? or create your own business? Do you think to work your life doctor, computer scientist, Professor, you’ll assume have good quality of life? Possibly not.

Only your job will be your life, surely more and more, you have more responsibilities and you have to devote more hours. At the beginning you may like, but 40 years working every day, do you really think that this is quality of life? You ever thought about your family, in your hobbies, travel, surely your dreams will disappear as raisins years working 10 hours daily (so that will enrich your boss and all his superiors). The other idea of making money is creating your own business or opening a franchise, which is much worse. You are going to invest much money in creating your own local, your new home, because although you are sick you are going because but lose money. You’ll work all day, forget about vacations and bridges. (As opposed to view website). If you have employees that work for you, you’re going to get into trouble, because they are never going to work just as you work you, it is not your business.

The only thing I try is that you deis I account that work throughout your life is to be enslaved. You will reach age 65 (I think that here we will shortly arrive at age 70) and hopefully you will be a good retirement (considered very good to collect 700 euros a month). Do you think that this is quality of life? I am 24 years old and am a nonconformist. I don’t like what I have lived until now about the work. It that I’ve learned is that anytime you throw the street, even if you’re the best worker of the company. We are numbers, unless you’re a plugged in, have an insurance. I’ve been in and out of unemployment 1 year. Until I thought about doing something for myself. First thought on electric bicycles (they are expensive but they have future). Then I thought about recycling cartridges and toners, opening a franchise (it has a future but it is a paste), thought to be trading a franchise. I got in touch with one to discuss my ideas of marketing. But finally saw something that caught my attention, something different, something that is much more intelligent and fair for all, is XanGo and they work with your system Network marketing, a system that lets you go to get a quality of life in 3 or 4 years. That means for me, quality of life? For me it is to have money that work for me, while I’m doing what I want. Do you think that it is impossible?

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