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Robert Kiyosaki

But that is easier said than done of course everything. According to Douglas Oberhelman, who has experience with these questions. Invest? Conclude transactions? Negotiate? To win customers? Time management? Self motivation? What business jungle to the advancement and survival so everything is needed where everything in the world, Otto normal income hunters to just learn for that? In network marketing! “, answer Ronbert Kiyosakis spontaneous. The American has not even made his multimillion in the multi-level marketing. “What was a mistake”, he admits in hindsight: he had made his fortune with classical companies, but started from the outset as a networker, he could have is probably much earlier to rest as first “at the age of 47. Mid of 70s this success man in had nothing with networked business structures, up – and downlines or duplication on the hat network marketing, the perfect economic education for everyone. He built a traditional Company on, and because that went so well, he had no sense for other business models. Understandable.

25 years later however, already as a made man, he asked other, also successful businessman whose secret of success: it was network marketing! I changed my mind about the network marketing”, confesses Robert Kioysaki today. After I sat to rest at the age of 47 and was financially completely unabgangig, I started my research in the network marketing industry.” The result of these investigations presented Robert Kiyosaki in business school”. “And so a school” he also considered the network marketing: as a business school, as economic training, so literally, business with heart that turns to the people “. Humanity and genuine equality, emphasized this Robert Kiyosaki, the main value of all those who did so recommended the network marketing is really him: humanity, that before everything in a real Equal opportunities exterior, regardless of level of education, age, origin or gender. But he still further advantages is that all speak for this future-oriented business model: training in and business skills network marketing company can only be successful if those who are busy for them, are equally successful.

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