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Everyone knows that the life of the home refrigerator is at least 10 years, and for commercial refrigeration equipment life much less when it comes to outdoor refrigeration (refrigerated cabinets, showcases, chests), then it is only 3 years. If you want to damage it as less as possible, do not forget to carry out timely maintenance maintenance of refrigerators professionals to carefully check the electricity, clean the condenser, the drainage system. Refrigerator, located on the street, must be connected to the ripple, and wire must be earthed and is located in the protective 'hood' on the street. In refrigeration equipment located indoors, the main concern of damage to ensure the cold. Could be damaged motor the fan that cools the condenser or evaporator system that distributes the air inside the refrigerator. Or leakage may occur, in which at some junction or in the wire, which came out of refrigeration. For repair this damage need special tools – vakuumnik, station, burner, leak detector, because it will require soldering using welding equipment. Only it is necessary to take into account any freon in as a refrigerant is used in the unamended refrigerator, because at the soldering can be released very harmful phosgene gas, so it will send the equipment in service.

Another challenge for the refrigeration the room can be electric, so you need a constant level control voltage. In summer the one socket, some stick to 8 refrigerators that do strictly prohibited, because when you start to the maximum voltage, otherwise the compressor will not start, and after 15 minutes of idle equipment may stop functioning altogether. Same basic repairs of refrigeration equipment in the autumn, when refrigerators come in from the street or warehouse distributors, often in very poor condition. There they are washed, diagnose, replaces advertising stands, where a tint, if the body dented, then straighten it, and specialists perform the replacement of shelves that are rusting away. Winter the refrigeration equipment located on the street, much less damage. If the air temperature drops to 3 degrees below zero, the compressor automatically stops working.

In this case, the refrigerator stops cooling, it can act as a showcase and a billboard. That the products did not freeze, you can install a special ten heating Russian production, because abroad there is no such harsh climatic conditions in Russia. In the online store can be purchased Partnerfood refrigeration equipment to the regime of winter / summer (Inter 400T winter-summer), and it is not much more expensive than usual. Sometimes it is easier to fix any problem yourself than to call a specialist. There are two kinds of breakdowns, which you will be able to repair themselves. Firstly, this failure associated with the lighting fridge – out of order a starter, broke the throttle or herself fluorescent lamp burns out. Replace these devices you can own, swapping them for like. Secondly, the electronic sensor – controller (Thermostat) can increase the temperature. The reason for this may be down or dirt (especially in summer), which rammed into the condenser. To resolve this problem, it is enough to clean the condenser, removing the bottom or rear guard to the refrigerator.

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