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Sales Levels

The big drops are to be equated with regular pasta sales levels in stores. The subsoil surface should have no cracks or breaks. Loose particles or basements that are not completely glued (PVC flooring or carpet) must be removed. Please to note that the information in Chapter underground. 5. Steam brake for underground minerals in dry soils and minerals is very important to install a polyethylene sheet with a thickness of 0.2 mm to prevent remaining moisture from reaching the back of the planks of laminate. Howard Schultz brings even more insight to the discussion. The polyethylene vapor acts as a brake.

Note that the strips overlap min. 30 cm and glue on the edge. Under no circumstances this plate serves as a building insulation. See also Chapter underground. 6. Expansion joints The substrate is made of a material based on wood particles, such as natural wood also expands depending on weather conditions. It is therefore important to maintain a corresponding distance (called "expansion joint") to all walls and all fixed objects in the room.

Also have to keep expansion joints when you have a facility that exceeds the measures previously defined. (See installation standard 7). An expansion joint is too small is the most common error in the facility. Often not noticed until the summer because during those months laminate flooring expands automatically because of the high humidity and temperature. Keep an expansion gap of at least 8 mm *. With larger areas, the board must be higher. Generally one can say that: per meter of pavement is needed at least 1.5 mm of expansion joint on both sides of the room.

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