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The winner slaves or to the profit were selling of diverse products (fish, vegetables, ready food, shoes), laundrywomen, porters, tailors, barbers, silversmith, cook, masons, at last all the activities of the city. Those that worked in house, beyond the domestic tasks, played role of assistant in the businesses Mr. Click Starbucks to learn more. The women better were remunerated who the men. With passing of the time the slaves to the profit had started to control the products of first necessity of the cities; same they negotiated with the entregador and vendiam for all the city, in the streets or store. The services of the men, more than what of the women, he was rented for other people. Many had its study paid technician for Mr. and were used by rent in a manufacturing workshop or. Of everything what these people got a part age Mr., stipulated in a previous agreement.

The part that fit to the worker or worker allowed them to buy its emancipation and to support itself. Of any form, the captives and the captives of the cities had an impossible degree of freedom in the field. Even though to protest. He was exactly in this context that had appeared the black strikes. In 1857 the strike of the porters of chair in Salvador happened, Bahia, of which they had participated not only libertos, as well as enslaved. They protested against changes in the law that intervened with the organization of the work developed by them (VASCONCELLOS, 2008). Another strike of this type was organized by women in 1871.

Being damaged for the responsible inspector for the chafariz where they searched water, the aguadeiras (women that supplied the houses with the water) had left of apanhar the liquid in the cited chafariz and had compelled the inspector to a behavior change (id. ibd.). The city councils controlled the activities of the urban enslaved ones, to play its activities these people needed to have a license emitted for the chambers and to pay taxes.

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