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It was verified in field, specifically in the organization in study if it had really co-relation enters the arguments of the authors searched for the subject and its occurrence in the practical one, beyond the analysis of the one before and after the logistic reorganization in the company and its impact for the main customers of the company. The study object is the T&amp Company; V LTDA, fictitious name that represents here a great company of the sector of logistic services for Salvador, interior of the state of the Bahia, northeast, south and Southeast of the country. As its base of customers is very extensive, what it very becomes difficult a complete analysis of these, is used as reference for this study, the operations next to the biggest customer of the T&amp Company; V, called of CUSTOMER. the T&amp Company here; V suffered severe critical in relation the relative operations to shipments and deliveries from its products the preset customers already. Specifically the claims were based on data and refined information periodically, that they pointed deficiencies in the shipment conditions, have carried, storage and distribution of its products.

Throughout some years the CUSTOMER the vine alerting on this, however, without the had attention of the managers of the T&amp Company; V, that only visualized its yield operational, ' ' desprezando' ' the information of the related customer. This situation passed if to expand the too much customers of the company. Thus, the loss of significant operations had occurred, what immediately, came to still more shake all financial structure of the company, causing cuts of budgets, expenditures and staff, compromising the quality of the services, not more only for the classroom, but, also for classroom B and C at this moment. In such a way, it was broken of the following problem of research: Excellency in logistic can express itself competitive distinguishing Real for the fidelizao of customers? In the investigativo process of this research, one searched as objective to evaluate if a good logistic efficiency really is determinative factor of competitiveness for Satisfaction of customers.

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