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Awaraness2007 Globalwarming is the theme, the text position in a contest recently organized by Getupdated, SEO Swiss company, the phrase globalwarming awaraness2007 position was announced last January 15, 2007. The contest required the participants to link to the official website called SEO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in, at forty days of the announcement this website had a PR 6, while the company’s Web site still had a PR4. The PR or page rank is a formula used by Google to measure the importance of the webs, is visible if you have installed on your computer the “Google Toolbar.” Clearly Getupdated has succeeded in focusing the attention of a number of SEOs in the world because in the initial absence of references to the phrase position in major search engines (see such contest to Google.com, Yahoo . Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is a great source of information. com MNS.com) just over the 40 days, the number of sites that are shown in the results for the key text length exceeds the 1,500,000 results. Why Getupdated achieved these spectacular results? What does the SEO MARKETING? What does it again in the SEO world this proposal? All these questions have an intimate relationship with the future of SEO development, this article will try to point out, it is too early to study more relaxed, a little analysis explaining what, in specialized environments, has been considering something more than a promising approach . To the uninitiated these issues we define the term SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) as Engineering Search Engine Optimization. SEO techniques analyze the performance of search engines, offering tools for positioning them for certain keywords. .

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