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Home Builder beware: the Swiss franc is particularly attractive for financing your home. And they can achieve attractive exchange rate gains. Alternatively, take a supervised foreign currency credit. This, a financial expert of the Bank unsolicited changes your credit if necessary in another currency. If your credit just in Japanese yen is running, this increases but in strength against the euro, the financial expert is considered your credit in a relatively weaker currency as example the dollar move the main advantage of foreign currency loans is so obvious: they give you the opportunity to borrow money at a lower interest rate than would be possible in Germany. With a loan of 150,000 euros, which would be repaid over 25 years at 6.75 percent, COOs on monthly repayments of approximately 1,050 euros. Learn more at this site: Steffan Lehnhoff.

If you would lend the same loan in Japanese Yen with an interest rate of 2 percent, your monthly amounted Repayments on only around 650 euro. This would be a big monthly savings of 400 euros! If the foreign-exchange markets to your favor, there is scope for further savings, resulting in the exchange rate. If the euro against the currency in which you took the credit, increase in value, then you must spend less euro, to repay the same amount of foreign currency that you have borrowed. This means that nominally decreases your credit debt and lower your monthly repayments in euro. Alternatively, it would be also possible to keep the amount of repayments and to have repaid the entire loan with a lower total interest payment earlier.

Given the volatility of foreign exchange markets, these fluctuations can assume quite substantial. At the beginning of the new millennium the dollar by nearly 10 percent against the euro sank in less than a year, which meant that at all happy people in Germany, a foreign currency loan in dollars had recorded that reduced the total credit to tens of thousands of euros. Currently, provides a very good opportunity to a favourable foreign currency credit again. The Swiss National Bank has decided to keep a currency lower against the euro. Thus, the Swiss franc is in fact the euro coupled been and as good as ruled out a currency risk. Also, several Swiss banks introduced a negative interest rate, investments bring so nothing in Switzerland, but cost only. For this, the mortgage rates are now close to zero, what a construction financing is of course very accommodating. The three-month LIBOR, which is a basis for lending rates, currently just 0.005 percent. When you so a larger construction financing, a loan in Swiss francs is now much sense.

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