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Social Welfare

Offensive of 2009 was marked for foreigners living in the Czech Republic a lot of changes and tightening of the extension of its long-term status. One of these changes is a new review terms of Czech police of insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic. This issue is very relevant in extending longer-term visas police organami.Esli previously alien who has contracted a form of insurance vzp in the Czech Republic, which is usually has an annual expiry date, could be made to the police with the current insurance policy, which was even close to its end and received in any case, the two one-year visa, but now everything has changed. Now the annual insurance vzp drawn up through the firm or obtained under contract with the insurance company must have a two-year validity period. An example is the insurance companies or Maxima Slavia, which provide such a service under the provision of first aid and for the means are much smaller compared to the cost vzp .V connection with the new requirements of the Czech police to the conditions of the extension of long-term visas, namely the participation of each founder of the firm as an employee with a work permit through the Czech Ministry of Labour, the best option for registration is an option open, through its insurance company firmu.Posle obtain permission to work for an employee to have to register with the Ministry of Social Welfare and the insurance company vzp. Insurance policy issued to the employee within 30 days and issued for a term of invitation work, that is for one year.

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