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Spanish Government

For this reason, it has ensured that there is no risk for the Basque or Spanish population derived from the consumption of fresh or vegetable products and don’t need to take any special measure of caution with food, beyond washing hands or food that will be eaten raw. As it has dndido Fernandez, the fact that this bacterium in Spain has not been found and that all the infected have consumed fresh vegetables in Germany suggests that contamination of these products has occurred at destination or in the distribution channel and not the source. To eliminate bacteria from raw foods that have been in contact with it is sufficient to wash the product – don’t need bleach – or cook it.The infection has already caused 15 deaths in Germany, where there are 1,200 affected people (329, in serious condition). Also there have been cases in countries such as Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Austria, although they are mostly patients who contracted the infection in Germany. Community sources have confirmed the first two cases outside the EU, in United States, although it is two people coming from Germany. It is an imported case the Minister of health, Leire Pajin, for his part, said that so far nobody has been infected in Spain with the bacterium e. coli by the consumption of vegetables, but the Spanish who has symptoms very similar to those resulting from it had traveled to Germany and is an imported case.

We are still talking about focus in Germany and in any case in Spain, underlined Minister Pajin in statements to the press. The Spanish Government has reiterated, according to Pajin, q EU is working tirelessly to clarify the situation as soon as possible, reassure the citizens and protect farmers. The Minister stressed that When the Government clears it will ask whatever we have asked in allusion to the damage that this situation has caused in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, it suffers losses of EUR 200 million a week since countries such as Germany, Austria and United Kingdom have indefinitely banned the import of vegetables. Source of the news: A man of 40 years, admitted serious in San Sebastian with symptoms of e. coli

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