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Such Abilities

Currently the reality in the world of the businesses is that the differential between the organizations started to be the Knowledge and is the people who withhold the Knowledge. The people express its knowledge through the ability, of the attitude, at last of its abilities. What it will make the organizations to be competitive and lucrative is nothing more nothing less of what the Management for Abilities. Or it will be Management of Abilities? After all, which is the difference? Management for Abilities implies in managing the company according to separating the functions necessary abilities for its exercise. Management of Abilities, implies in as the organizations generate the necessary abilities to the development of its business. What it is Ability? Ability, of the Lat.

Competentia, means: aptitude; capacity; legal college of an employee or court to appreciate or to judge certain lawsuits and questions. The word Ability first was used in the average age to define those that to know to make something well done. With the evolution of the administration, ability started to be more alone knowing not to make, but to know because to make more and, to have will to make mainly and, to make. Summarizing itself, Ability has 3 dimensions: Knowledge, Ability and Attitude. The Ability also divides itself in two types: Ability Organizacional and Personal Competncia. Organizacional ability is related what in fact the organization possesss. It depends on the ability levels of the people, the management of the processes and the applied technology.

Personal ability is related to the knowledge and abilities that the professional possesss, aggregate to the promptitude level,> attitude. The junction of these two sources is what in fact it makes the difference. You are welcome the organization advances to have the best talentos if these will not be made use to apply worse what they have better of e, still, if its values will not be lined up with the values of the organization. It is good for remembering that ‘ daily; ‘ Pessoais’ abilities; ‘ they go house to sleep and they can not come back in the following day. Therefore, to manage abilities started to be so important to the organizations. How to identify the necessary Abilities to the Organization? The necessary organization to define the necessary abilities from the definition of its strategical plan and the critical factors of success so that the strategical objectives are reached. Initially the organization will have to identify – and to communicate clearly – its Values, Mission and Vision. Without knowing which it is the game that goes to play and which rules go to follow, the organization do not have as to identify which they are abilities that it possesss and which need to be developed and to be unfolded by all the levels of the organization. The main abilities currently more desired by the organizations are: Search of Overcoming; Communication; Development of People; Empowerment; Flexibility the Changes; Leadership of Team; Negotiation; Orientation for Customers; Orientation for Results; Strategical positioning and Work in Team. The identification of the necessary abilities for the success of the organization, brings atrelada an imperious decision: to move or not to move!

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