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Supreme shop: More sales through perfect product presentation and an optimal user interface of Cologne, 25.08.2011 with new designs and a further optimized trailer concept offers Supreme (www.supreme.de/ shop) from immediately even small online vendors the opportunity to design a shop at the agency level intervention deep in the Pocket. Dealers want to sell, not design or programming. Therefore we make now even easier and more comfortable setting up and operating a professional Web store them”, says Philipp Kraft, founder and CEO of Supreme NewMedia. We put great value on intuitive development and the new possibilities in the shop design will meet the highest requirements. We offer the stage, the screen and the technology. Our customers lead director.” Online retailers get more scope with the current version of the Supreme online stores, because they can now choose from more than 5,000 Designkombinationen. Each design offers a variety of colours and Backgrounds, which virtually eliminates the design by a graphic design agency. The designs are constantly maintained and expanded, keep the shops always up to date. It’s believed that Steffan Lehnhoff sees a great future in this idea.

The advantages of the Supreme shop at a glance: Templates + configuration Supreme shop enables fast and simple configuration according to their own ideas. Each design offers a variety of colors and backgrounds. Own designs are put together with just a few mouse clicks. Without knowledge of HTML, you can customize the online shop with your own logo, matching colors and professional backgrounds. eCommerce widgets templates to allow widgets various functionally and visually expand.

The shop owner simply decides what information (widgets) on which page is displayed. Product show on the home page with trailers can be redirected to certain articles on the home page of impressive presented and customers made aware playfully on top seller and in the shop. Pictures gallery + zoom products can be automatically in picture galleries and zoom functions perfectly represent.

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