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Branding Online

To construct a mark is not a very easy task, takes time to create a relation of allegiance with the consumer and to establish a relationship of interaction with the product. The social medias if had become a letter in the sleeve for the companies and marqueteiros. The Internet, mainly from the concept web 2,0, brought new possibilities to work a mark, through tools as social nets, blogs, fruns, interactive sites and fanpages. Through a well elaborated campaign strategically, the advertising executives obtain to add value the image of a product, publishing the material maximum and getting in real time the reactions of the consumer. Many writers such as Caterpillar Inc. offer more in-depth analysis. Different of the advertising campaigns directed to the other types of media, in web he is possible to divulge a mark in partnership with the white public, if being valid the commentaries, the critical ones and to correct the errors before adding a negative image. This research of satisfaction in real time modified until the old methods of control of the quality. To get success in valuation of a mark through the social medias, is necessary a planning online with performance accomplishes in the social nets transmitting transparency in the actions advertising executives, if adjusting the requirements of the public, answering to the manifestations in the net, showing that the consumer helped to create the mark. This sentimental relation with the public becomes the mark has broken of its lives, having created a nessecidade feeling. The Internet offers infinite chances to create and to value personal and professional marks, these doors are opened to all but the behavior of the consumer moved, the advertising is not more so persuasiva as before, it is given credit the experiences of the excessively using ones more of determined product of what in the information transmitted for the desenvolvedores. Therefore, it gives to more attention to this ‘ ‘ besteira’ ‘ , as they consider many it, of social nets, it makes use the time maximum that will be able to hear its consumers, it produces or it transmits accurately what they nessecitam and it will have a great one possibility of if becoming a inesquecvel mark.


It was verified in field, specifically in the organization in study if it had really co-relation enters the arguments of the authors searched for the subject and its occurrence in the practical one, beyond the analysis of the one before and after the logistic reorganization in the company and its impact for the main customers of the company. The study object is the T&amp Company; V LTDA, fictitious name that represents here a great company of the sector of logistic services for Salvador, interior of the state of the Bahia, northeast, south and Southeast of the country. As its base of customers is very extensive, what it very becomes difficult a complete analysis of these, is used as reference for this study, the operations next to the biggest customer of the T&amp Company; V, called of CUSTOMER. the T&amp Company here; V suffered severe critical in relation the relative operations to shipments and deliveries from its products the preset customers already. Specifically the claims were based on data and refined information periodically, that they pointed deficiencies in the shipment conditions, have carried, storage and distribution of its products.

Throughout some years the CUSTOMER the vine alerting on this, however, without the had attention of the managers of the T&amp Company; V, that only visualized its yield operational, ' ' desprezando' ' the information of the related customer. This situation passed if to expand the too much customers of the company. Thus, the loss of significant operations had occurred, what immediately, came to still more shake all financial structure of the company, causing cuts of budgets, expenditures and staff, compromising the quality of the services, not more only for the classroom, but, also for classroom B and C at this moment. In such a way, it was broken of the following problem of research: Excellency in logistic can express itself competitive distinguishing Real for the fidelizao of customers? In the investigativo process of this research, one searched as objective to evaluate if a good logistic efficiency really is determinative factor of competitiveness for Satisfaction of customers.

Results Improve

Very probably you want to move of life, certain? I imagine that you want more money, more time with its family, more depth in its relationships, more quality of life. for where you start to act to reach what she desires? The reply he is: you. We go to call the circumstances our life of results, ok? Thus, its results are the amount of money that you have, its equity, its health, the quality of its marriage, the relationship level who you have with its friends, its intellectual development and everything more. These results do not fall of the sky, them do not appear of the vacuum, the nothing. They exist because, conscientiously or unconsciously you contributed to have them. They are a projected shade of who you were or of as you acted. The form as we think, our beliefs, makes with that let us have in them behaviors and these behaviors take in them for the things that we have or we make. The beliefs that a person loads inside of it determine the circumstances of its life.

Therefore it is that any change starts on the inside. The results that appear outside of us are projected shades. The mold of the external shades is inside of us. Below you follow some tips to carry through an auditorship with you yourselves and to check as it is its interior, what perhaps you need to move. 1) About first place, he thinks about its goals; he brings for its mind the images, sounds and sensations of the future.

He imagines that you already reached its goals. He is as if you were to make the analysis of a film starting for the end. 2) That type of beliefs you need to have, on you and the life, so that you can reach its goals? It makes a survey of the type of thought necessary to reach the goals that you desire.

Technician Professional

The professional of the area of Security of the Work that she desires to have success in this segment of activity has that to stone itself, in its day-by-day with persistence, ally she disciplines it organizacional. The professional of this area in its daily performance, it will go to interact with the diverse levels of hierarchy of the companies. The management of people is primordial, it will be interacting with people all the moment in its hours of working. The interpersonal relation with all the departments of the company is of utmost importance. Beyond all Knowledge, Ability and Attitude will have that to have abilities in the areas Conceptual Techniques, Human beings and, adding each time more knowledge and tools that can be used.

The Technician of Security of the Work in the organization will be to the front of some projects, everything that will be related not only the security, between them: Security, health and medicine of the work; Ambient management; To analyze, to identify and to mapear the risk degree; To elaborate and to create tools to reduce or to finish unsafe conditions; To in general adjust, to control and to make the use of the equipment; To assure the internal fulfilment of the Legal Regulamentadoras Norms and the norms and procedures; To follow and to carry through inspections, to guide and to reorient, to promote campaigns and training in the activities of security of the work; To elaborate the monthly statisticians of employment-related accidents; To develop the activities of the position inside of the principles and norms of the quality, being searched to take care of the internal and external customers, among others. In the field of the empregabilidade the formed professional will have an area of ample performance. In general it will act in: commercial and industrial companies, hospitals, civil construction, companies of security and services (patrimonial, strong car, escort, she would carry and cleanness) plants of foods, great state-owned companies, of oil, mineradoras and of extration in general.

Brazilian Companies

1. INTRODUCTION In a period, as the current one, marked for the fast alteration of the marketing conditions verifies it necessity, on the part of the companies and the people who in these work, of the development of the capacity of dynamic adaptation to the changes. However, the organizations, many times, possess a traditional managemental structure that makes it difficult the introduction of the necessary changes. Such structure if characterizes for prioritizing the control and the previsibility of specific functions, adjusted the steady conditions and to the efficient of the routine works, but inefficacious accomplishment, when in a dynamic and complex environment. The current complexity of the economic activities, based into an performance and global competition and the constant alterations of the market, has transformed the knowledge in main insumo applicable in any economic activity. The knowledge if became an important and determinative factor for the economic competitiveness for the companies in all globe. The changes of the factors for competitiveness attainment become necessary to go beyond the traditional combination of capital and work, therefore, more than what never, the knowledge became a decisive factor in the success of any enterprise.

In this scene this study focando management of the knowledge in the practical one of the administrative management appears then thematic of. It is had as objective generality to analyze as the management of the knowledge can be ece of fish in practical for an improvement in the performance of the enterprise businesses. Of form to generate subsidies to reach the objective considered for this study, the following problem is had to be answered: how the management of the knowledge can generate improvements of the performance of the enterprise businesses? Through a scientific methodology, it is used bibliographical research in books and articles to above reach objective the proposal through a solid theoretical base. 2. MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE the humanity comes throughout the times if modifying and if adjusting to that its innovation is necessary constant, aiming at to follow the evolution of the new environment business-oriented.

Plates Seniors

Some vehicles of communication cover the participation of the Santa Cruz in some competitions that the club disputes. Televising media, radiofnica media, media printed and proprietors of esportivos sites and blogs help to divulge the mark of the club in games transmitted to the living creature for the TV, in the esportivos programs with exhibition of gols and better moments and in the spreading of photos for the written press and new technologies. Moreover, with the popularizao of many products of computer science, the number of torcedores is each bigger time gifts in the stadium that record the games they postam and them in sites as YOU TUBE potencializando still more the exhibition of the plates advertising executives and other marks of the club. A spreading report will be elaborated monthly to point the return with media gotten for each partner of the club. General croquis of the points of miditica exploration for Perspective plates of the game field Msteres Plates – Red They are 36 plates in in each deep 16 and 10, total line in the lateral line. Its size is of 7m of length for 1 m of height, turns for twisted and the medias.

Walber Act

8 Results: The research was carried through with 15 trainees in the act of the act of contract and 16 trainees in the act of the exit of the company, the results are in picture 5, related 6 and 7 below: Answers in the act of the act of contract 15 Probationary Questions: Reply ABC 13102 23111 32121 4672 Picture 5: Source: Author, research carried through in the company Rock, Calderon and Advogados Associates in 2010. Answers in the act of the disconnection 16 Probationary Questions: Reply ABC 1214 – 21321 3835 4142 – 51321 Picture 6: Source: Author, research carried through in the company Rock, Calderon and Advogados Associates in 2010. Analysis of resutados Picture 7: Results gotten based in the questinrios carried through in 2010. After the collection of the information, was diagnosised that the not motivated trainees estavo, but the main reason and of the insatisfao that was causing the desmotivao was related to the value of the Stock market Aid. 9 Conclusion With the presentation of the results the direction of the company Rock, Calderon, that in search to hold back its motivated talentos and mante them, implanted new benefits to trainees and readjustment of the Stock market Aid in 10% above of paid average in the market, thus satisfying a necessity that would take the motivation of the trainees. The theories that leads to reach the motivation in the work are basic so that if it inside finds the real necessity to be satisfied of the organization, in the current world the companies comes very investing in research of organizacional climate, therefore this tool contributes in such a way for the reach of the success of all inside as it are of the organization. A pleasant climate is prazerosoe if it becomes desired for all.

To get really expressive and sustainable improvements on the climate the implantation of well structuralized programs that contributes for improvement of the organizacional climate, thus reducing problems of productivity, insatisfao or desmotivao, therefore in the globalizado world of today efficient company is necessary is that one that obtains to mater its motivated collaborators. ORGANIZATIONAL MOTIVATION ABSTRACT This article aims you the show the process of motivation within an organization, contributing you the understanding of the various theories of motivation at work, through library research and work already performed, which demonstrate the importance of diagnosing what the real need you be supplied within the organization. You will see the organizational climate survey conducted at the company Rock, Calderon and Associates. Keywords: Motivation. Satisfaction. Achievement. REFERENCES ADRIOLO, Leonardo Jose, a millionaire in the balcony of the Macdonalds, article published in 11/09/2008.