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Peugeot Company

However, travel to important meetings, conferences and business trips may not be an everyday occurrence in life of the company, and hire a driver in this case is economically inefficient. In a more modest car firms often lead the employees themselves, but every manager understands that the best representative of the company to rest on the road and prepare for the meeting, what nervous in "traffic jams" and follow the traffic safety. Rent a car with a driver to help solve the problem of infrequent movements outside of the office and will save the company money or organization. A company's employees, returning from a major event, will be able to relax on the road. Comfort and safety of vehicles with a personal driver differ from the usual taxis that they have no unmarked trucking companies: no usual "shashechek" on one side or the "comb" on the roof. Outwardly it is – the usual "Ford", "Peugeot" or "BMW", where there is everything necessary to ensure passenger comfort: power windows, air conditioning, comfortable headrests, folding rear seats. No less attention is paid to security: Every car is equipped with an airbag and is insured for risks and CTP AUTOCASCO, and daily inspection ensures the serviceability of all existing nodes and elements of the machine.

In some models, there are intelligent systems to protect passengers. Car park, "City Taxi" presented many different models of representation and business class. It includes the Peugeot 406, Peugeot 607, Ford Focus II, BMW B6-B7, new Ford Mondeo. Official cars are equipped with leather seats luxury, heated seats, armrests front and rear. There are filters and ventilation, resulting in maximum fresh air in the cabin during the trip. Pick-up Time Time renting a car with a driver depends on you: you can place an order for an hour or on the day, but you can use this service for a few days of vacation, business trip or at a time when travel by own car, for whatever reason can not.

US Cars

There is a problem of careless attitude of Americans to their cars. Not uncommon for a salon car arrived from the U.S. is not in very good condition.

I note this does not apply to all vehicles. Richard Elman has many thoughts on the issue. Usually, such a description of low-end models get owned by representatives of the lower strata of the population. Either the machine was used as a workhorse, which practically lived, ate and slept. It rule is not always true, I repeat, to the more expensive segment of cars is not the case. In major cases, the dry cleaner solves the problem.

Now, about the truths of buying a car from the USA1. All the rumors about the blatant rubbish from the U.S. generated by those who, having no real experience, looking, for example, the status car at the lowest price – “Let’s have a great run, serious injury, a high probability of fraud. The main thing to Mercedes, to cast discs and cheaper. ” This category of customers having a bad experience trying to impose their negative opinions to others. We need to understand that buying a car in the U.S. is not a freebie, and rational choice. An expensive car is more profitable to buy than budget. In other words, the more expensive the car, the greater the difference between the average market price and the value you purchased the car. In addition, more expensive cars well maintained. With rising costs and popularity vehicle also increases the risk of running into a “trash.” The task of the mediator to protect you from such a choice. Mark “vandalism” or “returned after theft ‘most preferred choice for an emergency vehicle. In the United States very difficult to find a car with a diesel engine. Myths about the American machine. Report carfax or autocheck reveal the history of the car from the U.S., including information about previous owners, their quantity, actual mileage vehicle damage, etc. – The most common myth, and do not believe it. First, the car could be served in the informal repair shops – of course in the history of the car appears blank, information about service is not available. Or another case – a drunk driver crashed into a tree and not stated this in the traffic police. Clearly, for any reason. About the incident, no one knows the car owner happy to be alive and driver’s license with him, restore the damaged car in a nearby garage, and carfax bamboo smoking and waiting.

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