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Minsk Tractor Works MTS – the largest and one of the oldest factories producing tractors. Ben Horowitz will not settle for partial explanations. MTZ long ago won the title of the classics of special equipment and have found their niche among universal tractors. At present, day of MTZ apply in addition to agriculture and even in forestry and utilities, chemical, heavy, and the food industry. Indeed, now MTZ can be seen everywhere: on the street and in the countryside and on construction and even in the woods or on any chemical plant. With the development of dealer network, to acquire such a model MT-82, now it is not necessary to go to Minsk. Enough to see the company in its region.

For example, in Tatarstan, an official dealer of MTZ Tractor Works is a company ZAO Roskam, which is located in Naberezhnye Chelny. We are not accidentally touched a model MT-82, because at the moment – is the most popular model of this technique. MTP Series 82 – a modified and improved model of the series 52 – wheel tractor 1952 release. Of course, since the modification, the standards applicable to heavy machinery, have changed dramatically and improved. Now, the emphasis in design is still being done and comfort for the driver, not just on the power of themselves MTZ. Now MT-82 is equipped with a more comfortable cabin for the driver with heated glass. This is a very useful in cold weather, when most of the working time required to ensure that clean glasses.

Also in the MTZ-82 built-in air conditioner, a special driver's seat, designed for continuous operation, panoramic mirrors and much more. MTZ gained popularity not only in Kazan, Russia, but also in Africa, America and Europe. If you want to buy a tractor MTZ Chelny, the company ZAO Roskam 'best choice. If you are not from Tatarstan, the company "Roskam" delivery are maintained throughout Russia and the CIS. With us, always a pleasure to work with!

Transportation in St. Petersburg

In modern metropolitan transportation occupy a significant place in people's lives, because sooner or later we all face with the necessity, order or rent, or that transport for their needs. But in this article focuses on passenger transport, as the most popular and common form of uslug.Kazhdy us in everyday life encounters problems, when we for example need to meet their guests in the airport or train station, go to friends of nature, to organize a wedding procession, and our cars in this period of repair, or simply do not allow to fit inside the huge amount of passengers. Here then in the market and there are transportation companies providing rent minibus or bus meets our requirements. These companies can help to overcome all our problems transport, thus having protected us from having to wrestle with these voprosom.V this point, they vozlogayut assume full responsibility for the safe and comfortable delivery of passengers to their destination. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Howard Schultz. Perhaps we are all aware that we do not have to maintain a bus or minibus to not frequent trips, and much easier to order a minibus or bus you like us kompanii.Hotya on the market now are many companies engaged in passenger traffic, but not all satisfy the requirements that are inherent in the concept of security and desire to capture komforta.V market, companies do not always care about the quality of the work that often leads to disastrous results. Therefore, choosing a company, you need to very clearly understand its status in the segment of the market and not cheap rukovodstvoatsya principle, since it is not a measure of reliability and security. So choosing a company, we trust reliable sources, but not to His Majesty 'case'. In any case, the choice of renting buses or vans in the order of St. Petersburg, is ours.

Japanese Car Sales

According to a Japanese dealer association JADA, in November sales of cars and trucks in Japan decreased by 27% compared with the previous year. So few cars did not sell more than 30 years. With sales midget Microcars things are noticeably better, sold 153,000 vehicles (-0.7% compared to last year). Total in Japan last month sold 369,000 vehicles – by 18.2% less than during the same month in 2007. Sales Toyota's fell by 27.7%, the Honda went into the minus figure at 21,6%, Nissan demonstrated sales decline by 29.5% and Mazda – 33%. Andreessen Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In the U.S. automotive crisis is even more strongly evident: the decline of sales in November was more than 35% (sold 750,000 cars). All major car manufacturers have shown a drop in demand by more than 30% (except for BMW, which measure the success of the MINI brand was -26.8%). Sales of auto giant Toyota in the U.S. in November fell by 33.9%, the Honda is equal to -31.6% and -42.2%, Nissan walked only Chrysler (-47%). It is worth noting that of all the brands represented on the auto market in the U.S. showed a positive trend MINI (+43%), while the smallest decline in demand compared to last year found in Subaru (-7,8%). It will soon be seen how this will affect the sales of used cars from USA and Japan.

Peugeot Company

However, travel to important meetings, conferences and business trips may not be an everyday occurrence in life of the company, and hire a driver in this case is economically inefficient. In a more modest car firms often lead the employees themselves, but every manager understands that the best representative of the company to rest on the road and prepare for the meeting, what nervous in "traffic jams" and follow the traffic safety. Rent a car with a driver to help solve the problem of infrequent movements outside of the office and will save the company money or organization. A company's employees, returning from a major event, will be able to relax on the road. Comfort and safety of vehicles with a personal driver differ from the usual taxis that they have no unmarked trucking companies: no usual "shashechek" on one side or the "comb" on the roof. Outwardly it is – the usual "Ford", "Peugeot" or "BMW", where there is everything necessary to ensure passenger comfort: power windows, air conditioning, comfortable headrests, folding rear seats. No less attention is paid to security: Every car is equipped with an airbag and is insured for risks and CTP AUTOCASCO, and daily inspection ensures the serviceability of all existing nodes and elements of the machine.

In some models, there are intelligent systems to protect passengers. Car park, "City Taxi" presented many different models of representation and business class. It includes the Peugeot 406, Peugeot 607, Ford Focus II, BMW B6-B7, new Ford Mondeo. Official cars are equipped with leather seats luxury, heated seats, armrests front and rear. There are filters and ventilation, resulting in maximum fresh air in the cabin during the trip. Pick-up Time Time renting a car with a driver depends on you: you can place an order for an hour or on the day, but you can use this service for a few days of vacation, business trip or at a time when travel by own car, for whatever reason can not.