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International Finance Corporation

By these measures the economy must be ready, otherwise the lack of efficient technologies and their possible implementation of emergency can lead to collapse. Liberalization of prices will be possible only if the legal mechanisms are created to support consumers who are ready to save. For even more details, read what Kevin Johnson says on the issue. Yet obsolete law actually prohibits the regions to promote energy efficiency. Change the situation called the law "On Energy Saving", which recently entered into force. It regulates the compulsory installation of meters and allows the state to support those companies who switch to energy-saving technologies. In particular, they will be offered tax incentives, as well as reimbursement of interest on loans for projects in the area conservation. Scientists – light, however, can not explain the low efficiency alone economic and legislative barriers. According to experts of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), and there is a lack of awareness of consumers and investors about the potential for energy savings.

So, according to research ifc, the leaders of Russian companies estimate it at 8-10%, although practice shows that this figure is at least 20%, and in some cases reaches 35-40%. Only the energy-saving light bulbs in the building of the Moscow City Hall for a month saved 100 thousand taxpayers' money. And this is only one building and only one particular measure. Of course, to save energy has become a popular idea, its advantages and specific ways of implementation should be explained to citizens in an accessible form. Credit: Kevin Johnson-2011. And today a similar experience in Russia is. Thus, for several years in Cherepovets was implemented by the city administration initiated a program of energy efficiency housing.

The first 70% of housing units equipped with heat metering based on ultrasonic heat multical production Kamstrup to obtain accurate data on the effectiveness of follow-up of the program. In addition, the homes were equipped with heating units, insulation carried out basements, porches and pipes in their homes. However, despite the installation of modern weather-automatics, the tenants continued to regulate the temperature in the apartments in the old way, opening the windows. Change the situation helped city officials initiated the campaign promoting energy conservation among the population. "We have prepared a series of publications in the media, held a series of tv shows, meeting with deputies of the citizens and City Council representatives of community structures, – tells Tatyana , head of the analytical work in housing and utilities department of housing and communal services of the city of Cherepovets. – The purpose of these activities – to teach people to manage heat consumption, explain to them how to build a system of payments for heat, as you can save on payments for heating. It is noteworthy that the goal was achieved: the energy savings the city average increased by one third. Increasing energy efficiency – one of the main strategic resource of the Russian economy. But we will be able to use it only in the case at all levels will be implemented coherent and comprehensive policy aimed at energy savings. Today we need new laws, new rules of the game on the market, and a new value system. It is no exaggeration to say that energy conservation can become the national idea itself, which should unite the state, business and people in addressing common challenges. Anastasia Kolcheva, a spokesman for Kamstrup

Plants Insulation

In addition, vegetable stores must be the lobbies and rooms for sorting vegetables. Thus, the width of the building from 12 to 36 m, length from 24 to 72 m, height from 3,6 to 4,2 m. The plants for vegetable storage device is required good thermal insulation, mechanical ventilation, creating and maintaining a certain temperature and humidity conditions. Prefabricated buildings, based on the metal frame can provide all the necessary conditions. Wall and roof sandwich panels have excellent thermal insulation properties – due to the presence of a layer of mineral wool or foam. A steel plates on both sides of the insulation to protect it from external influences and provide structural rigidity.

To maintain the temperature and humidity conditions at any time of year in vegetable stores that are based on pre-fabricated structures, establish a system of water heating and cooling systems. Alignment temperature throughout the volume of space is achieved by periodic venting of air. The use of sandwich panels as wall and roofing gives one more advantage: thanks to the good insulation in vegetable stores do not condensation. Loading and unloading of vegetables by using tape and paddle conveyors, hoists, forklifts and other machinery. And to ensure access machines vegetable storage room in building install automatic gates. Using a design based on the metal frame and sandwich panels, get ready turnkey vegetable store in the shortest possible time – 2 to 3 months. This is especially true for companies and businesses that deal with trade in fresh vegetables and assumes its own premises for their storage.

building – convenient and efficient way implementing a variety of architectural projects. Unusual shapes, different colors can make the design of arch type are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. In addition to the device new vegetable stores, components of prefabricated buildings can be used to upgrade older buildings. Sandwich panels are used as a decorative wall covering and roof, saving on expensive decoration. This dramatically improves thermal insulation properties of buildings. pc Vesta, specializing in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings and automatic gates, offers a vegetable store for storing various kinds of vegetables. The company manufactures construction as the standard projects, and taking into account the requirements of customers – for individual sizes. Number of cameras is governed by the number of species vegetables. Depending on the climatic conditions in the region, additionally installed ventilation and refrigeration equipment. Robust materials, well thought-out system of fixing components, sandwich panels with finishing both external and internal surfaces, allow to build a strong, robust vegetable store quickly and without additional cost. An important component sets vegetable stores from Vesta are automatic gates with leaves of the panels. They are easy to open for entry and exit of transport, to securely lock and, thanks to the insulation, the insulation is preserved over the entire area of the room. pc Vesta has extensive experience in the construction of complete buildings, which allows it to fulfill orders for any vegetable stores under the key as soon as possible.