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Excellency Governor Felix

23 And calling two Centurions, he commanded that two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen, and two hundred Spearmen, prepare for the third hour of the night that they might be up to Cesarea; 24 and that prepare horses in which Paul, putting in safe to take you Felix the Governor. 25 And he wrote a letter in these terms: 26 Claudius Lysias to his Excellency Governor Felix: health. 27. To this man, arrested by the Jews, and that they were going to kill, I going with the troop, having known that he was a Roman citizen came. 28 And wanting to know the cause why they accused him, I brought him to the Council 29 and found that they accused by matters of the law, but had no crime worthy of death or imprisonment. 30 But to be alerted of snares that Jews had been laid against this man, to the point I have sent unto thee, applied also to the accusers that deal in front of you what you have against him.

Have fun. 31 And soldiers, taking Paul as ordered, took him by night to Antipatris. 32 And the day Next, leaving the riders they were with him, they returned to the fortress. 33 When those came to Caesarea, and gave the letter to the Governor, they also presented Paul in front of him. 34 And the Governor read the letter, she asked of what province was; and having understood that it was of Cilicia, 35 said to him: you will hear when your accusers come. And he commanded that they quaternions in the praetorium of Herod. Today’s Christians are not exempt from suffering the same persecution who suffered those who preceded us in the history of Christianity, but a cua non sine condition, suffering from it, is the engage fully in the spreading of the Gospel because the hardest with our preaching are those more committed they are with sin and such is his hobby at the same willing to kill in order to continue their dissolutions.

Jorge Alberto Magallanes

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