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Computation For Entrepreneurs

If you are creative, perseverante and you defend yourself in logic – mathematical, convertirte in programmer or constructor of software, can be a good alternative to face the life. The software industry (ecological) is one of those of greater growth in the world, and therefore it generates a great demand of this technical or university professional profile. The popularity of software must to that it allows to improve the life to him to people, for that reason nowadays is difficult to find some machine or device that does not make use of this. The programming, considered art by and a science by others, is an exciting activity and can be very profitable, or working as used or in independent form (freelance). Although this work is realised in different surroundings, the profile more required now is the Programmer Web, is with PHP, Java or. Net; but also the conventional one with PowerBuilder, Line of vision Basic or Cobol, among others; all complemented with basic tools of data, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2. Therefore, to stay competitive, beyond to know the foundations lazy by personages the area, like E.Dijkstra and Niklaus Wirth (Prizes Turing 1972 and 1984), the programmer needs to be innovating.

If you are of that he asks himself What I go has to make by my and the country? instead of What goes to make the government by the country? , and you remain kind to which happens, to take action, then you do not stop considering the opportunity to be Programmer Web. It remembers that to achieve the success it is only necessary to take four steps: 1-Assume the responsibility, 2-Define a vision or puts, 3-Prepare and 4-Take action, by as much, if you are conscious of first, and decide to be an excellent Programmer Web, is hour to take steps 3 and 4, to develop your competition (knowledge, ability and attitude/values) and to enter the labor market. Where to learn? and Where to work. In order to learn, the custom is to go to a conventional training center (actual), an alternative is the virtual learning, both valid and nonexcluding ones, hoping that first they make use of the approach and basic pillars of the virtual education, that is to say, education centered in the student and supported in competitive tutors, didactic material multimedia and continuous evaluation. In order to work, you can make it like employee, independent (freelance) or industralist, being recommendable to initiate with both first (of preference in a software factory) and projecting to the third party. Nowadays a series of Web sites exists that offer use opportunities mainly and telework opportunities (projects), such as InfoJobs and Freelance Trabajo, where the solutions Web with PHP are required. In the freelance case, your you define the atmosphere and the schedule, goodbye to the heads, who in certain cases do not give credit him to your work, although they live at the cost of your profits. Sotelo marks.

Working at home

Working at home has its advantages and disadvantages, conozcalas and tengalas present: advantages: 1 – higher productivity because it increases between 50 to 60 percent, is used best time, there is a greater personal control. 2. Reduction of tension, eliminates stress, of the traffic vehicles, time of entry and exit, excessive noise, the ongoing.3-comfort comversaciones for the job: feel more productive, develop with pleasure the activity, do not feel the pressure of schedules. As disadvantages: 1-feeling of isolation: some value personal contact with colleagues for what they consider that working at home is frustrating. 2-Interference in hours of work.There are problems to maintain discipline without modifying the fixed schedule, the members of the family do not understand even if you follow at home is within a timetable of work 3-obsession by constant work.Working at home is very comfortable because the Office is a few steps from the House but there is a danger of falling into the work routine as it is more work 12 hours non-stop. Keep in mind these tips that will help you succeed at home. 1. Set schedule specific 2-do not work in your room or bed. 3. Do not work in pajamas