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Spanish Government

In addition, the lobby of the Peruvian merchants apart an attempt to don Manuel Frias, Attorney-general of the provinces of the silver, by the Crown to obtain Spanish an authorization to make Buenos Aires traded with Brazil and Spain. For the above mentioned reasons, the action taken by Cevallos in 1777 September cracked the efforts of Peruvian merchants by strangling the commercial life of the port of Buenos Aires, which was born and grown from smuggling and the link with Britain. Classical historians emphasize that the fall of the Junta of Seville in the hands of Napoleon was the trigger that Mariano Moreno and Cornelio Saavedra took advantage to drive the movement of May. From the 14th until the 25th of this month, in 1810, a series of events that ended with the appointment of the Government without the viceroy occurred: the first Board.

River Plate historians could never finalize the debate on what were the ideas and motivations which inspired notables from Buenos Aires to express the patriotic cry in that revolutionary day of May 25, 1810. Between stories of professionals, military, masons, smugglers, Jesuits newly expelled, the Argentines were forming a romantic idea of what happened in the Cabildo Abierto (which was not so democratic, rather was oligarchic), because only were summoned to the Assembly those who had properties, while the village was waiting outside the plaza. The majority agrees that the revolutionary trigger was not more than the fall of Spain in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte and detract from other possible influences that yes they played prominent roles in the struggles against the Spanish Royal troops and national organization. It is officially defined that began the week of May 14 with the arrival to the port of Buenos Aires boat Misletoe, English flag, bringing fresh news of the old continent. The newspapers of time, wrote that the Board of Sevilla, last Spanish Government agency fell into the hands of Bonaparte which went on to govern much of the Iberian territory..


Novelist, poet Leila Sabzali toured the historical sites in Azerbaijan. – The book, which is still in the editing phase, I called the "Children Atur" – she said "the North Caucasus." – Atur – god of fire, which anciently worshiped in our land. This is the first book of the proposed trilogy. It tells about the ancient history of Azerbaijan, it brings together well-known, little known and even unknown facts about the history of this land. On study took almost a year. But it was a very important year of my life, filled with exciting job. Passed all stages of the discovery of historical facts, "shoveled" a huge amount of information.

Then there was the process comparison of sources, and then – thinking. Guesses, again appeal to the sources, the understanding that you go the right way, the joy of discovery. The book is written in the genre of historical journalism. All the sources that I enjoyed, at the end of the book are laid out so as not to impede the perception of the material. Consider this research, it would probably be fair from the perspective of alternative history. It all began with Gobustan.

There are many interesting You can see if there is not come for a picnic, and a specific purpose. Gobustan is unpredictable, and yet, going there, you need to know for what exactly you're going to feel not among these sacred rocks foreign tourist excursions. The first time I went there, got acquainted with the materials on our wonderful Gobustan archaeologists – Rustamov and Muradova for 35 years conducted research in Gobustan.

Bosses Warner Bros

"Antikiller 3" There is a suspicion that the third "Antikiller" get a curious history, and without early Konchalovsky. Medical history, of course: the disintegration of the personality Fox, the enemy somewhere very near, the teaser ends with the word "n?% * q". Just do not say that you're not interested. "2012" And if "Antikiller" will not adequately film-catastrophe, we always have a Roland Emmerich – the man for whom "n?% * q" and a source of inspiration and creative method, and daily bread. Columbia Pictures release postponed the movie "2012". Starship Troopers, Godzilla prank, global warming slowly turning into an ice age – it was only a rehearsal. "2012" – this is the end of the day, $ 200 million.

Oppose him will be a handful uchenyk under (ha ha) John Cusack. So that being said, fasten your seat belts, have a nice apocalypse. "Where the Wild Things Are," about a screen version (is) a famous book by American writer Marisa Sendak, which Jones did three years ago is awful. They say, for example, that Bosses Warner Bros., looking first draft, Jones was fired, and finish the film without him. Sam Jones, however, refutes this information: fainting, falling, it was, but the fire did not fire. The first thing the studio bosses alerted that 80 million spent on something that looks like the show as a result of dolls giants. Second, they were upset because of the fact that the adaptation of a children's book to show children it is impossible – too clever, and sometimes ominous.