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As stated in the famous legend, long before people decided to build a tower of Babylon was one dialect everywhere. At the moment there is a very large plant for folding about a similar position. Almost the whole world talks today in English. Virtually every one of us, as if the office has no relation to foreign negotiations or conversations with not speaking in Russian, is to meet with management in the global Internet, jokes in English and a huge number who came to the Russian language that will not be able to parse, not knowing English. Learn this beautiful language that Shakespeare wrote, is today considered to every literate person. But someone tell me where to turn for knowledge of English? And in case you will need to learn American slang, what to take in this scenario? Elementary occupations, often, especially significant costs, and are organized in a certain time, but a successful employee free time allocated at different times of the day, and even at night. Explore the free English I would like everyone. But when that we would like and at the proper level of learning, not just a hodge-podge of a few words.

Freestuff English must be good-quality training. Learn English for free you'll get directly to the Internet. Will you need a classic English language or dialect shtatovskih – Courses on the Internet may suit you. In the first place, well hit a comprehensive approach, you will understood the grammar of English, and including harmonious articulation and lexical set. English Grammar, some people seem boring.

However, the courses on the Internet offer to learn English in the Stories of Stephen King or any other well-known British and American songwriters. Articulation, you can adjust to Audiocourses famous radio station Voice of America. " You'll be learning English fun and easy, from basic to complex. When you start to learn English language for free, you will certainly surprise a set of benefits that you will be able to use in the process. Proverbs and Idioms, associative images can help to fill a lexical set. And watching films with TITLES – an indispensable satisfaction: you learn and have fun at the same time. You will be able to sing songs in English and read poetry: everything it improves memory and your pronunciation. Network – a huge amount of knowledge. Explore the world-famous English you will be able to quickly and easily, and above all without pay. Do not forget about personal development.

Rio De Janeiro

In ‘ ‘ The writings technician of Freud (1953-1954) ‘ ‘ , Lacan adds that the transference in such a way discloses to the aspect of setting of subject to something passed it how much the possibility of if weaveeing something new. The transference is the possibility to transform the situation current, to establish a displacement of the citizen of the situations. It looks at the novel there again. As in the relation professor-pupil, Eva, the mother, it sees or it tries to see in the son Ana, something tied its past, that until the moment of the conclusion of this article we do not know what it is. Lacan defended a called function citizen-presumption-to know, that it can be incarnate for any one. In the family for the mother and the school for the professor. Requirement: authority. Having a presumption to know, knowledge, certainly it will have transference.

For a reason or purpose illustration, I searched and I discovered some assumed cases of positive transferences. The proper one Freud, Rubem Alves with its favourite Clotilde Owner, to who admired excessively, much in virtue to have seen its seio one when it gave suck to the son. It said that all wanted to load the heavy folders of that teacher. Ziraldo, known cartunista also admired its Candinha teacher. The Been slow ones do not exist, are classic example of negative transference.

Anny Cordie (2001) presents Arthur, boy who did not obtain to learn contents, for force of the exaggerated fear that had of its teacher during the readings of the lesson. Inquiry was uncovered after, that Arthur connected the look of the teacher to the reprovao look of the mother in its infancy. The professor, before everything is a human being, then, subject to the reactions. Difficult it he is, to keep a harmonious climate in classroom. Exactly that he values the pupil and he receives its transferences. FINAL CONSIDERAES I thought reflection on the reasons of the failure pertaining to school, the difficulties of learning, the relations professor-pupil. As the relation father-children. Novel, pure fiction, is confused with the reality. Conflicts and tensions. clearly, taking in account the subjectivity. The professor cannot be the father, but he can be the educator. The mother must be the friend, not it owner. The adults, in the figure of the professors descomprometidos with the educative act, make in them to think, to read, to understand. They teach in them not to give up, that he is possible to dribble the failure pertaining to school.

Chico Buarque

For in such a way it is needed to know on the phenomena. The poetry of Chico Buarque of Holland, that if it transforms into song, is on to the period of the Brazilian dictatorship. Express it its revolt, anguish, at last, its feelings in its way to write. In the period, never it could have been written, but she seems that the people, which censured the letters and musics of this time, did not have culture, nor necessary knowledge for such task. Some songs had passed in the call ' ' censura' ' , thousands of compact venderam at the time disc, and the people sang and heard, as much in house, as in the radios such musics.

Many perhaps without understanding what or to who musics if related, others, however, perhaps knew about what it was. When the government at last, thought and really it saw what it was transferred, ordered to remove of the store, the radios and other places of sales, the celebrity compact disc. This story was thought because when writing on the concepts of primeiridade, secundidade and terceiridade, they are related associates to this question and to the content of Santaella with respect to semiotics. The LANGUAGE AND the Grammatical GRAMMAR have ampler direction, and the definition in the Aurlio dictionary (1985 p.90) tells that ' ' grammar: (of the Greek grammatik, art of the grammar, for the Latin grammatica), feminine substantive; study or treated to the facts of the said language and writing, of the natural laws that regulam' '. It is important when lecionar the Materna Language to know of the diverse concepts of the grammar and its relations, as for example, the normative grammar that says to have only one certain form of if using the language, whereas the descriptive grammar has the concern to describe the structure and the functioning of the language in order to show to the falantes as it is used, without arguing the question of right or wrong, only analyzing the linguistic phenomena.

National Plan Law

The content programmarian the one that if relates this article will include diverse aspects of the history and the culture that characterize the formation of the Brazilian population, from these two ethnic groups, such as the study of the history of Africa and the Africans, the fight of the blacks and the aboriginal peoples in Brazil, the culture black and aboriginal Brazilian and the black and the indian in the formation of the national society, rescuing its contributions in the areas social, economic and politics, pertinent the history of Brazil. (Writing given for the Law n 11,645, of 2008). For even more details, read what Jonas Samuelson says on the issue. 2o the referring contents to history and culture afro-Brazilian and of the Brazilian aboriginal peoples will be given in (Enclosed for the Law n 10,639, of 9 of January 2003). The National Advice through seeming 003/2004/CNE/CP, regulates the alterations in Law 9394/96 (Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education), for Law 10.939/03. This To seem has as objective to guide the System of Education, as well as, the Agencies and Institutions integrate that them, for the fulfilment of the Law N.

World Vision

Currently is well-known to know of the importance of the creation of an surrounding healthful stimulant and so that the individuals can work and produce with good resulted, fitting to the manager this capacity and function, in order to establish positive relations with its collaborators, stimulating the team. The world vision must be known and be brought up to date by the manager, not only the internal world of the company or institution, this attitude will make with that it adds experience and solutions in the attendance of the necessities of the collaborator, having lead it the income of its potential. The managemental function requires a set of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values, enclosing five dimensions: staff (to be a true leader), interpersonal (to know to deal with people), strategical dimension and politics (comprometimento with the institution), administrative (planning, organization, control, direction and evaluation), technique (not only to know the structure technique of its mission, but to follow the updates). In addition, the manager will have to possess characteristics requested to the executive of century XXI, as one research of Havard Business School, called ‘ ‘ The Amrop Hever Group’ ‘ , that they are: – Navigating (exploring of ideas and innovations); – Alpinista (it takes risk and challenges); – Travelling (open mentality the cultural factors and events); – Malabarista (ability of flexibility and agility ahead of the problems); – Enterprising (expert of the business). Thus, to the manager only expert of the functionality is considered that it is a entendedor of the business and not more.

In addition, the learning in the exercise of the communication, that must contain clarity and feedback, adds in positive way in the questions of work and perspectives of the employee how much to the organization or company. In the same way, to work and to keep the motivation of the collaborators become arduous task, more not impossible, taking the manager to the search for strategies excellent and creative, offering the worker, the pleasure to work and to be compensated proportionally in its expectations. FINAL CONSIDERAES: The transformation of the management of people in the current company directs a set of interpretation attitudes of the organizacional reality, constructing new instruments and modernizing the management of people with tools auxiliary for the managers in the decision taking. Each day is created it enterprise models for the construction of an integrated and strategical management. The figure of a manager inside of a company or organization is atrelada to some functions and action, the main one is that it espelha its team, having to be intent to the certain positions, therefore it is an icon for they surround that it, having to be the first one to perceive negative or positive attitudes for the aiming of its action. The emotional self-control, also is an excellent factor for its performance and relationship with its collaborators, motivating in such a way emotional a healthful environment, how much physicist. Less important for the solution of inherent problems to the treatment with people it is not its capacity of improvement and professional update.

Of this form, for the extration of the functionality of the employee or collaborator, the preparation of who chore with the human material is basic. Being the manager capable to mediate necessities, insatisfaes and yearnings, integrating the people of the team, leading them it the waited objective. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES: Guimares, Andres; Blacksmith, Oscar Manuel de Castro.

Strategy School

To the few I was adaptando the lessons of Portuguese and mathematics for it. It was very intelligent and alone he needed a simple adaptation in the resume so that he could demonstrate its potential to me. It could not while educator, to wait that it already arrived understanding of polynomials, of equation etc. JPMorgan Chase may help you with your research. She was necessary to make a sounding to see until where it wise person in mathematics and Portuguese for then only passing activities left which it more independent in classroom, that it them it obtained to make and mainly it socializes it with the remaining portion of the group. To choose an assistant of the day for also helps collaborated very it and in the acceptance of the group, they comprendiam therefore it better and thus professor and pupils had had a sensational experience and for more incredible than it seems, learned, in its rhythm, its time and had qpenas that to have 3 things: 1 Strategy to adapt its knowledge (curricular adaptation) 2 Much patience (you pray was a little nurse in the physiological questions) 3 and main, the shelter, therefore this pupil arrived until me and he could not pass it to it for front without he extracted optimum of it, without of this it chance to dream, of being able to work in the future and being as well as was forming the other pupils, a citizen with the same rights to even learn because that he blames it has to have been born with some syndrome? who are we educators to want to menosprezar it next to its capacity, being used this as argument to exclude it? In such a way ironic one arrives to be curious and one, therefore it is common to see exculpatory educators in congresses of inclusive education, making course of pounds, braile etc, or same in the church acting as interpreters, but when it is for being acolhedor educator, seems that it is more easy if to hang in the crutches of ' ' I was not enabled pra this, I only made such course to be able to gain points, it only lacked this pupil to me to be here in the gymnasium (6 to 9 year) and to confuse the room and still superficially to have that to be dribble of it, only this that lacked to me! ' ' As if it sees, the inclusion has colon arguable 1 the government must invest more in adaptations in the pertaining to school building so that these pupils special better are received and have adignidade of the access the school, not only in the school but in all the cities, with streets, bathrooms and estacionamentos for deficient. .

Ministry Education

It is observed that the parents who send its children for the schools that had announced the efficiency of its courses, that they had affirmed its advantages in the dispute of space in the work market, in short its education, waits that education and its results correspond to the propaganda. The educational adjustment to the neoliberal requirements manifest, with effect, by means of the adoption of politician-administrative measures that objectify the construction of a new culture, of an ideology capable to justify and to explain the new social configuration. In Brazil, the establishment of a hegemonic and standardized resume is intensified, confirmed for the Curricular Parameters (PCNs). Courses of formation of professors (training) are implemented for different institutions. A set of pedagogical cultural devices is identified, contributing stops with the obscurantismo and the room, mainly of professors, who ' ' religiosamente' ' , they translate official the conception educational.

for accompaniment and control of the catequtica application of ' ' ensinamentos' ' , the Ministry of the Education instituted the external evaluation, premiando the schools that to present better prop up, better resulted, situation, this, also observed for Gentili (2002, P. Titan Feul Tanks often says this. 34): From the decade of 1990 aqualidade of the education it finished restricted to the implementation of a series of strategies of evaluation guided to quantify the pertaining to school productivity in the different levels of the system, being promoted rankings institucional that they allowed to mapear the hierarchy of the schools in virtue of the results of the tests applied to the estudantil population. The above-mentioned elements identify with translucidez the transferred enterprise vision for the educational context. In result, an axiomatic investigation clama for reply: which is the paper of the mercoescola? It hisses (1999, P. 28), argues: … to produce a culture that integrates the new generations to the global demands of the market.

Portuguese Translator

NEW SUPERIOR COURSE GAINS FORCE? Translator and Superior Interpreter Certainly, English is the language most important in the world of the businesses, spoken for the majority of the professionals. But this does not want to say that all that have fluency in English possess qualification to work as translating or interpreters. Beyond proficiency in Portuguese and English, these professionals have of being capable to interpret, simultaneously or consecutively, colloquies or conferences, to dominate softwares of translation of legend and to translate international contracts and agreements, beyond other documents of legal value. Ample knowledge of the culture and literatures English and Brazilian is also determinative factor so that the translators carry through its tasks with ability. IF YOU WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO STUDY YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: The Course of Letters? Translator and Interpreter in English of the Methodist have duration of 4 years and are, currently, offered per the morning at the beginning of the year, in the modality actual; at night, in the way it year in the same modality in the Campus Jackstay and provides you, beyond the technique and of practical of the translation and the interpretation in diverse areas, knowledge on philosophy, ethics and citizenship, empreendedorismo and the market of work, lingustica, literature and culture of Brazil and countries of English language, requirements for the verbal communication and writing.

Its pedagogical project is innovative and is pautado in the most modern trends of education. The exposition of the pupil to practical of the translation and the interpretation in distributed projects of professional action throughout the course is distinguished in the curricular matrix. Portaria n 4,059, of 10/12/2004, promulgated for the Minister of State of the Education, opens the possibility of oferecimento of disciplines/modules in the semiactual modality until the limit of 20% (twenty percent) of the total horria load of superior courses, therefore the Course of Translator and Interpreter is actual but it takes care of to this it would carry.

The Work

With a base of knowledge on the profile of the pupils it was transferred to question it them on the reasons had taken that them to opt to studying in the Institute in question. The majority of the answers was related to the positive image that the institution possesss in the regions of where these pupils come, the quality of education also was recognized as a strong reason of choice. The two added reasons had arrived 68.5%. Howard Schultz takes a slightly different approach. The related positive answers to this question are resulted of a long history of the institution in the formation of professionals. In the sequence the interviewed ones had been questioned on the reasons had taken that them to decide for the course technician in farming.

The reply that more appeared in this question it was the taste for the work area, 35.2%. In the sequncia, to extend the knowledge with 18,9%, and almost tied up to, with 18,1%, to learn to apply in the property and to provide improvement in the familiar income. Added these two, it is arrived 37%, of pupils who search knowledge economically to improve the property of its familiar ones. When mentioned income improvement, it is verified necessity of administration knowledge and management, therefore only the technique is not capable to prepare the professional of complete form to face the world of businesses and all the complexity that involves the agronegcio. According to Mendes (2007), must be understood the agronegcio as the total addition of the operations of production and agricultural suppliment distribution, of the operations of production in the agricultural units, of the storage, the processing and the distribution of the agricultural products and item produced from it .The pupils interviewed had been questioned in relation its pretensions how much the professional career, if intends to return the country property, when it will be the case of agricultural origin, if intends to search a job in the market of formal work and one third opened option in for that they previously possess a different pretension of the cited options.

The City

You can get his friends to this exciting venture, it will brighten any child's holiday. Children will be proud of friendship with your child when they see their photos in a slideshow on his website. Your relatives living in other countries can now see pictures of your child. You should be reminded of your child's life is a real voshebstvom, which may well be its future profitable profession. Please contact if anything is not clear, we write for free for you personally and will send additional vidourok it to your mail. If the disc is purchased as a gift, please contact us baby's name – Rusya write to him personally friendly greeting free and it will be enclosed in a box with the disc It's like watching a movie on TV while sitting on your favorite couch, while getting some really interesting and useful knowledge. All bales special technical literature thing of the past century.

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