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Life Cycle Assessment

The management of the manufacture processes has each maisinserido time the ambient requirements demanded by the market as dasvariveis of the businesses. Jim Umpleby has firm opinions on the matter. This new order elapses of some factors that foraminseridos in recent years, as the requirements of the customers for an ambient melhordesempenho, requirements of fulfilment of legal parameters each restrictive vezmais, better management of resources of entrance of the productive processes (ecocompetitividade), little wastefulnesses, among others. Of this form, it becomes-senecessrio an evaluation of the productive process under the optics of which product ougrupos of products that are manufactured and that they are directly> associates aodesempenho ambient of the organization. In this direction the Evaluation of the Cycle of Vidatorna a distinguishing tool for the organizations. Word-Key: Ambient evaluation of the Cycle of Life, Product, Process, Impacts.

ABSTRACT The management of the manufacture you process has, eachtime, inserted the ambient requirements demanded by the market one of thevariable of the businesses. This new to order elapses of adds factors that hadbeen inserted in recent years, the requirements of the customers will be to onebetter ambient performance, requirements of fulfillment of lives restrictivelegal parameters each teams, to better management of resources of entrance of theproductive processes (competitiveness), little waste, among others. Of thisform, an evaluation of the productive process to under the optics of which productor groups of products becomes necessary, that ploughs manufactured and that theyare directly associates you the ambient performance of the organization. In thisdirection the life cycle assessment becomes distinguishing tool will be theorganizations. Keywords: Life cycle assessment, product, with elapsing of the time had started to be relacionadascom the manufacture processes, searching, of this form, the reduction of the impact quetais processes caused to our planet.

State Management

Thus, the seriemresolvidos ambient problems by means of the state management. Considered essential for it reduzire/ou to prevent the degradation of the environment for the growth economic e, still, to extinguish and to remodel already the existing ones. The institutions would have ample forces deimposio and intervention. In third, it has the existence of the respect and the social right seguranados ones, where the ambient and social problems as well as propostaspara its solution are argued by collective the social one. This current depensamento, ambiciona the defense of the humanity, what, therefore, the balance would tambmproporcionaria man-nature (they idem). Corroborating with this source, Jara (2001) it says that direct oenvolvimento of the individuals, has allowed to the increasing accumulation deinformaes and of knowledge, perfecting dinamizao of the desenvolvimentolocal, regional e, qui, global. For Jacobi (2003: 194) the development concept sustentvelenvolve ' ' economic calculation, biofsico aspect and component sociopoltico, as referenciais for the interpretation of the world and possibilitarinterferncias in the predatory logic prevalecente' '.

According to author, sustainable odesenvolvimento does not limit the ecological adaptations of umprocesso social, but yes, of multiple strategies or models for the people, leading in account in such a way the economic dimensions as the ecological ones. Redefinindoas relations between society human being and nature. The concepts of sustainable development are several, however, what it perceives is that it not yet is ready. The dimensions the seremtrabalhadas ones are complex and involve changes in the perception and comportamentohumano, what it makes it difficult its efetivao. In this direction, Figueiredo et.

al. (2004) it comments that it has of if to recognize that the problems that the sociedadeenfrenta currently are global, therefore, the humanity must face odesafio to pass for attitude changes, since the atodos problems say respect. The sustainable economic model of the traditional populations primitivase As we saw previously, economic science works with ateoria of the goods, keeping its focus in the subjective relation enters eobjetos consumers of desire.


Salient that, comotrata of a proposal, the methodology will be able to suffer specific adaptations nolocal to be implanted. Ademais, has total flexibility in what it refers to operacionalizao of the suggested ideas, being, therefore, susceptible melhoriase reformularizations. 3.3Operacionalizao the model enjoys of baixocusto for being based in premises integrators, built in partnerships dentroda proper IES and not-governmental organization. The great expense will pecuniriorestringir it the purchase of the considered selective collectors, being admitted, nointuito to degenerate the Academy, the contract hypothesis of commodation with associated acooperativa. In this in case that, in exchange for the donation of the reciclvel material, interested aorganizao would offer the collectors, exempting the Institution of nusde adquiriz them. Of this making, the proposal presents cost almost zero.

As point of partidadesta change causing reduction the expenditure of the administrative machine. Although they are especificadosperodos for accomplishment of the complete evaluation of the project, the process demonitoramento of – in uninterrupted way, initiating in the proper nascedouro doprojeto. This acompanhamentodiuturno will serve to improve the performance on the public-target and the prpriagesto of the project, facilitating, also, its spreading. The evaluation will more contnuafacultar a taking of made right decision, increasing the effectiveness, qualidadee efficiency of the internal management, improving the knowledge on its execution. It will consist,> basically, in formulating necessary questions concerning some aspects of the program, of modoa to get one feedback on the beneficiary percepodos and to certify themselves of the results gotten before the aesdesenvolvidas ones, mensurando its impact. They will be executed, to paraconsubstanciar the monitoramento, some forms of analysis: evaluation deresultados, of impact and participativa. All permeadas for quantitative abordagensqualitativas and. 4.CONSIDERAES FINAL ' ' Practising the GestoAmbiental' ' it is not a proposal pioneering, neither unknown in its area deatuao. The importance and essencialidade of the quarrel of the boardings daqualidade in any spheres in the administration perpassam, doubtlessly, for the good respect to the environment and the practical ones.


The choice of the implantation place still generates the necessity of other studies, as for example, the study on a land, so that analyzes it is carried through it if definitive land is adjusted to the implantation of certain type of hotel, that goes to take care of certain segment of market. Evaluating since the urban infrastructure of determined localization until the ordinances of zoning, as well as also verifying the real estate value of the land, similar of that the capital fixture of investment badly is not used, compromised for one high real estate value, for example. ANALYSIS OF the DATA This section is referring to the analysis of the data, having the objective to disclose to the answers and gotten comments through the carried through interviews inside of the searched context. Being divided in two sections: data of identification, referring to the interview carried through to the secretary of the PBTUR, and the interviews carried through in the travel agencies and the posterior answers to the interview questionnaire. DATA OF IDENTIFICATION OF the FIRST QUESTIONNAIRE were interviewed a responsible one for the PBTUR, being treated as interviewed (1), of the masculine sex, as age of 33 years, married and resident in the city of Joo Person. In relation to the graduation level, this possesss graduation in superior level, graduated Histria (UFPB), possessing mestrado in Cincia Politics (UFP) and doutorado in Social Sciences in the University of Brasilia With these data perceives that the interviewed one, does not possess through superior education, no directly on specialization the area of the tourism. Its formation is, therefore come back toward the social relations of the human beings. It exerts its cited one function in the PBTUR through the experience acquired with the practical one and to pass of the years. The VALLEY OF the MAMANGUAPE THROUGH the VISION OF the PBTUR In the first question was asked if the interviewed one (1) already had visited the coast north.