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Holiday Child

How not to splurge on a gift? Take the first article costs – is a gift. Here you can get lost, is now a choice of different toys is huge. Even when advertising at every turn. All toys are colorful, bright, but, unfortunately, not always worth it. I also happened, the child will see ads on tv, and to me: "Dad, bye!" Come into the store, but the hand is not raised to buy a toy, not only is the price sky-high, so also the quality of the terrible manufacturer must also pay for advertising costs. What are our options? a) Make the toy itself – is certainly needed at least what it skills, I advise you to pay attention to courses in needlework, passing them, the savings in your home would be great. Then we can safely, sew or tie a doll baby. For example, in my childhood was a favorite toy is the one that I contact my mother.

Very cool toy can be made of "papier mache" and it is not difficult learn on the internet many websites devoted to this subject. b) You can give your child piggy bank Piggy is cheap and you can beat the gift in different ways, tell your child that it is "the bank desires" and that he could use it to accumulate on any dream, periodically there lay a little , you will see happy and astonished eyes of a child, when he finds replacements. c) If your child is asked to present an expensive toy, known brands.

Effective Protection With Sunscreen

Modern films on flat glass. Maintenance-free after a long winter many on the warmer days forward. The Sun is good for our soul and has a positive effect on the psyche. But the Sun brings negative side with it. Owners of modern apartments and houses with large Windows know about the effects of solar radiation. Quickly, the room looks like a greenhouse and the stay is untenable without air conditioning.

Carpets and furniture behind the window front be quickly affected and bleached by the sunlight. A sunscreen prevents not only the aggressive ultraviolet radiation but also lowers the costs for air conditioning. By the window with a sunscreen coating, UV-A and UV-B radiation from solar radiation are filtered. The light and heat is greatly reduced. The sunscreen reduces the radiation by up to 80 percent. From harmful UV rays, the film offers a nearly 99% percent protection. The view outside is freely possible despite the sunscreen. The sunscreen is but also priced a real alternative to the external Venetian blind and the blind.

The film is easy to clean, saving time and money. Cleaned will brush the sunscreen at the window. The window including the protective film be rinsed with a diluted mild detergent, a soft cloth or a lambskin wiper. At some special tinting the coating prevents even the nutshell of. The film washes clean again when the next downpour. To ensure an optimal sun protection, a slide should be selected for the outside of the window. Especially with a double glazing, skylights and glass that is to recommend mounting on the outside. For indoor installation, it can come to the heating up of the space and break the glass. The kind of sunscreen depends on the required protection from Sun and heat and after the alignment of the window. Window on the South front need a higher level of protection, as here, the Sun is very intense. A comprehensive, expert advice is obtained at SSK sunshade, a competent partner for Sun protection. SSK sunscreen INH. R.Kollmann Internet: