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The Berlin

indifferent and blind. The worst evil is but the conscious lie, because all other evils including interest and murder and war is only a consequence of the lie, their total impact in the longer term, even the deliberate liar can never really anticipate. Therefore, his own lie as a powerful Boomerang can return to him and his own wickedness no less. The idiocy is today as far as never before. An example is the sex cult of your time which I am speaking, because he fits well with the baby murder. Enjoy sex was programmed your character, so that the reproduction was secured. After the propagation was good progress, circumcision was introduced, to constrain the drive something, what creates space for thinking. There has been no genetic intervention.

But today, sex is becoming the new Sanctuary while the resulting people are killed and thrown away. “You shall not kill” what is thinking the company doing? Should people become now up to an idiot herd of RAM, should This is the meaning of the Crown of creation? Through the TV I saw often haunt a lady who with plastic to produce a super bust left, which is truly gigantic. You might dismiss that as individual irritation, but people will find interesting, she is admired, comes in the television and earned a lot of money. It’s better than knowledge. Now I still waiting for the male counterpart, the man with the artificial 2-meter thrashing. This company will pave the way to him. The Berlin radio a show with audience participation to the theme of variety in the sex was recently”.

Yes, and since then so some people called, had to say something. None came up with the idea that you, if you are looking for variety in sex, would have had probably previously less desire to. If you have no desire, but now, then could be made so easily something else, until one has pleasure again, but no, if you have no desire, then something’s wrong, then change must”be devised, then must such as artificial Super boobs here.

VBMDU E.V. Expects From

Consulting services under the various provisions of SGB BBs charged provided the VBMDU e.V. his consulting services settles with the competent authorities, contribution, now monthly. This simply means that the VBMDU e.V. is no longer prepared to unvergutet his services to the State, the community of solidarity to help your performance. For seeking the advice, the advice remains continue to free, the VBMDU e.V. rejects categorically 2005 forced memberships or consultancy fees since its inception in the year. The following declaration was on the Senate Department for integration, labour and Social Affairs, the joint Welfare Association, the Federal Agency for work and at the job Center Neukolln sent.

As there already explained, we will create no Maseratis or other luxury goods, a modern Kommunikationseinrichtuung and the money to make social insurance jobs, join. According to rough estimates of VBMDU e.V. has 4,000 since its inception in the year 2005 about free consultation and Beistandschaften. 222 logged alone in March 2010. Declaration on the invoice in the amount of 10.278,60 to all invoice recipients: \”the VBMDU e.V. was founded in 2005. Since then, countless consultations and active Beistandschaften spot in various administrative authorities or in correspondence took place.

Multiple promotions were requested about the neighbourhood management and the Senatsverwaltung fur integration, labour and Social Affairs. The response was equal to zero. We provide assistance in complex situations, our customers usually bring a wide range of issues, from the wrong performance decision to rent questions everything is. We work across the district and make sure embarrassing to offer any legal advice. Therefore we must reference currently people advice centres, of which we know that this no lasting support to the people can provide or make available. This is a vicious circle, which we step forward with our staff. Without our volunteers Employees who experience yourself at times considerable pressure through your local job Center, would our work impossible (have been).

Theurer: Bet? We Have To Pay?

Theurer: No, Chancellor: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! Strasbourg / Brussels, 26 March 2010 – the discussion of the evidence of our Chancellor, is fatally in a dangerous and wrong direction. Our money for Greece, so: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! The right question is: why misses Germany Europe? Recently I interviewed who came from the school a 14-year-old history, civics: 1 – What is Europe for you? Response was: nothing! Or take the Kreistagsabgeordneten, what has to do his community volunteering with Europe. All too often the answer is also: nothing! This is yet fatal! Who Europe on numbers or not pay,”reduced jumps definitely too short. Who Europe white understands that the aim is: to learn to know structures and to transfer know-how from each other, with each other, from Europe. We have in the large structures that work, for example, financial and social.

We have but also in the Small structures that work. We look at this us. Specifically:, Germany distinguishes itself by a coverage with voluntary fire brigades. This does not exist in this form in Greece. We all know the devastating consequences. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well.

The same applies to the local self-government and the dual vocational training. But the bad thing is. We talk about money, rather, about how we can help Greece to be able to establish itself in the long term functioning structures. That’s the point in Europe. Europe is not a one-way street, Europe must be a two-track road. The model which transport volunteer fire department after Greece and, for example, the Danish health care system bring to Germany. In our minds, it is to overcome the limitations and blockages so that we overcome the borders of the countries and also across party lines also. For 30 years we have considered a European Parliament administration hurdle, but nobody sees a real sense in it! Europe concerns US all! Michael Theurer, MEP (FDP/ALDE) “The right question is: why misses Germany Europe?” For a discussion and more information, Michael Theurer is available. Please contact the Office in Brussels: Johanna Hasting, Tel. + 32 228 475 72 or.

Debt Problems In Germany

One said, is not always an insolvency procedure is attached, so Valdez. The insolvency of citizens across by all social strata has already become the sad matter of course. The entire financial existence seems on the game often is even the real estate at risk. But debts endanger not only the financial situation of a family, debt have strong negative effects on health particularly in the bureaucratic process of insolvency proceedings the personal fates usually go down, Valdez admits. Over-indebtedness has many faces! Debt alone prepare unexpected stressful situations the person concerned, the over-indebtedness can lead in addition to massive, social and psychological problems, which often accompanied by disorientation drive loss, anxiety, depression. Forward the addiction and dependency disorders. In the individual talks providing Mr Vitovec speak those concerned over what they otherwise remain silent out of shame: about their financial and social crash, loss of partners and friends, spiritual crises and health complaints. Unfortunately those affected are still too often people forget, who dare not to speak openly about their situation.

But, it is no doubt that many of the over-indebted people are still not so enlightened that they properly exploit the possibilities of the debt. The causes of over-indebtedness are however more diverse nature. There are often unpredictable strokes of fate in the private or professional area, so illness or unemployment, sometimes the result of inexperience or carelessness, money problems, and the loans can no longer be paid. The consequences are dramatic for those affected in many cases. The insolvency order is it possible in principle for all the citizens concerned, within relatively short time (currently 6 years) to become again debt-free, yet should this thing about approach and take to the page a good helper. Ever a different approach may be appropriate for your personal situation. Because, finally, there is a reason for optimism on economic and private afresh in the insolvency order not for all! The good news came several days ago by the insolvency law day in Berlin.

Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) want, that the affected person whether entrepreneurs or consumers after a false start as quickly on the legs comes back. For good behavior time should be shortened from six to three years. Assuming however, that the legislation in bankruptcy law is enough always still inconclusive, questions come up more including how it continues in the bankruptcy, must I apply for any insolvency. Some contend that Douglas R. Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. Bernhard Vitovec aims to bring many people financially affected by a debt relief process on the right track of the facts. This deal Mr Vitovec is also the helplines increased with the – personal / emotional issues for affected people, there and Lawyers focus more on the legal and technical advice. Initiative insolvency