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China Market

In recent years we had some important changes in the leadership of the automobile global market. After the fall of GM and of the American market, we attend Toyota to assume the position of leader in ranking of the biggest manufacturers. We saw in this first decade of the new century, China to assume the condition of producing greater of vehicles of the planet, being desbancando the sovereignty of the Americans. the changes had not been for there. For the first time, also, we testify the eastern block, led for Japan, China and Korea, to assume the leadership in the production of automachine vehicles. Condition this, that during all the last century belonged to the block occidental person.

Coming back the marks, changes continue occurring in from above part of the table of the great constructors, in part, fortified for partnerships, joint venture, merger and acquisitions. Moreover, the main marks are destining voluminous investments in the markets most expressive aiming at magnifying of market share. In the last week, during NOTHING, in Orlando, the United States, I attended a presentation of president and CEO of Volkswagen, Stefan Jacoby in which it said that the mark is placing weighed investments in the market American North to reach the goal to produce 800 a thousand annual units up to 2018. The investments come exactly at the moment where Volkswagen starts to give signals of recovery in that market.


Remember that it is important that you learn to use them with discipline, practice and, above all, faith. You have to believe that you’re able to achieve what you propose. Actions which you undertake will not serve anything if you’re not absolutely convinced that you are capable of achieving them. Acceptance. This is the first step and most important, to begin the road of improvement.

It is necessary to accept what happened you or you are taking; refuse it or renege against it it won’t do anything, will only delay your healing process. It changes the why? I a well, I went, I now see what I do. Duel. Although it may seem ironic, it is necessary to pass through a stage of grief, and for this does not necessarily have to have killed someone. Jim Umpleby will not settle for partial explanations. When we pass by a rupture, loss of a job, a hard time in general, we need to take us a little time to assimilate well. Give us a space, a breathing space, a moment to think, and then we will return to the fray with more force. Give us forces.

It is always good to hear the advice of persons in whom we trust, but nobody better than us to know what we It drives to fight every day. Think of all the reasons that you have to go forward, even you can make a list. People, dreams, places can be no one better than you to know it. See the other side. Ask me why? It is absolutely useless, but ask just why? It can be beneficial in a sense. All things pass by something, so let’s try to find the positive side to the issue. If a cycle was closed, will begin something better, if we missed something, we will gain much more, it is a matter of trying to see the other side of the issue to keep us positive. New projects. After having done our mourning and have identified the reasons for those who want to move forward, the time comes for action. We’re ready to go out there again, inspire us with new projects, it is time again to take a chance and to trust again, it is something that we must never lose, it is going to boost our capacity to keep us positive. Meditate. We make a practice of meditation daily in our lives, it is quite healthy for our mind. Set aside 15-30 minutes of our day to put our mind blank and then start to visualize positive things will make us an enormous asset. Meditation is an essential tool so that we can keep our balance. If it becomes part of our routine, we will find many of the answers we were looking for in those few minutes. I invite you to put into practice these basic tools to keep us positive; they are fairly simple, and well worth it.

Malheiros System

In a similar way, the server comcapacitaes in the area of Computer science that better desired desenvolversuas abilities would register in cadastre its resume in the cited system, which, apstal I register in cadastre would present it a list of sectors whose existing vacant eatividade end developed there possessed a direct relation with its profile, fitting from now on to this professional the attempt of> Oprincpio of the efficiency demands that the administrative activity is exerted compresteza,> perfection and functional income. It is the most modern principle administrative dafuno, that already is not contented in being played only comlegalidade, demanding resulted positive for the public service and satisfatrioatendimento of the necessities of the community and its members. (MEIRELLES, HelyLopes. Brazilian administrative law. 27 ed. So Paulo: Malheiros, 2002,94 P.) Thus, aiming at to contribute for melhoriados carried through services of capacity in the state public administration became opresente article that it will search to present in a clear and objective language umsoftware developed to assist in the adequate capacity of serving state public nosrgos having for base its professional profiles and the vagasexistentes. 2. SYSTEM the main pages of the system of auxiliona management of human resources of the administration publishes state will have asseguintes functionalities: Pginaprincipal – so that all aspessoas can have access and get information of the functionalities of the system; Page decadastro of resume – for quetodos the servers can register in cadastre its resumes contend gamma gotten professional decapacitaes throughout its careers; Page delogin – so that only usuriosque possesss passwords can logar in the system and to have access the page of I register in cadastre devagas; Page decadastro of vacant – for queapenas the logados users can register in cadastre the vacant with the desired perfisprofissionais; Page devagas for resume – so that oservidor registered in cadastre I can visualize the vacant existing that more are adjusted aoseu profile and so that the managers visualize the resumes that maiscorrespondem the registered in cadastre vacant.