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Universal Declaration

The Europe veteran, consumed in interminable wars during monstrous centuries or in the last, imperialistic and Colonising century, is also the place where in centuries XII and XIII the first individual liberties settled down: habeas corpus, that allowed that any prisoner could protest to be taken to being a court; also the first Parliament created that limited the power of the king. People such as Sergey Brin would likely agree. Europe is the place where it was ended absolutism and it proclaimed the Declaration of Rights of the Man, antecedent of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. Reade Griffith describes an additional similar source. It is the territory where the great social pact dreamed up after World War II, the one that generated the call been of the well-being. And it is place where the capital punishment does not exist from time and has been land of asylum and refuge during decades. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mark Berger Chicago. But that Europe seems to want to stop being she herself.

A Europe incapable to sign a decent agreement with Africa, by pregiver, and detrimental with Latin America by its agricultural subsidys and traps of commerce, is now earth where the labor week will be able to be extended up to 60 hours weekly (even 78) and it will be possible to be locked up to the immigrants without papers during 18 months before expelling them. ntributes greatly to this topic. It is the place in which the police can, in some zones, to stop without positions to any citizen during 42 days. The territory where the unnamable secret services husmean in the electronic mails of the citizens without judicial mandate. The place in which the European Commission says without an eyelid shakes to him that are indications that the decrees nor no directives of the Government of Berlusconi authorize the collection of data regarding the ethnic origin or religion of the registered people. Nevertheless, those norms (now made up) to file the 150,000 gypsys of Italy brought about the explicit censorship of the European Parliament and the documented protests of associations of immigrants, catholics, lay, Jewish and gypsy against the indiscriminate taking of tracks to adults and minors, and the collection of personal data (like ethnic group and religion), presents in the problems of first cards in Naples.

Peruvian Government Course

The incapacity to solve the acute problems of the Peruvian society and to hide its commitment with the transnational ones that insatiably is wishing to sack our natural wealth with the complacencia of all the political class of our country; it is what does in clumsy form, with the rabieta like mask that thinks with the liver, is what it makes them be implementing measured that runs over all the human rights consecrated in the declaration after the French revolution. Although it is not chance of this type of conduct in the government, so is so the implementation of its death squads, in which they try assassinating common delinquents, is a waiting room used that it to do it with the leaders who are not put under their dictations. These tactics and strategy that come implementing, are looking for a pretext to consolidate a facist State in order to have abierta letter to give the country to the voracity of the friendly of the north. One already begins to feel his effects, as they are the delivery of the gas, and tenth it gives, as also we could to say to the gift of our resources towards countries of the north, stopping supplies the internal market. Andreessen Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The minister of energy and mines has tried to lie until the nonsense being tried to justify most evident that the government was doing. So far this shortage of supplies already this feeling in the capital of the republic and surely would try to heave the weather, but I see impossible without putting in evidence its treatments underneath the table that were doing and but this one government. We asked ourselves: Because of the satanizacin of those who found and different positions have? They cannot respect for the sake of the free thought and the free one to express. If they say to defend his Democracy, that is to say the one that they represent.

Kona Dream

But nonstep long time before it began to put in doubt his decision. Which its life had become? The same route to the work every day, the same office, same the faces of their colleagues, perhaps the numbers of cases were different, but the subjects were all equals. What for some it meant security, profits and successes became routine without life for Mike. The good news is that the heart of Mike still was barking and was a sleepy that was returning to the life its passions. Suddenly Mike and Kimberly found a resigning their jobs and empacando suitcases to go after a dream in Hawaii. Mike and Kimberly sold everything, sold a false sense of security (works full-time, weekly checks of wage, to be proprietors of a house) and overflowed their hearts and their minds in the dream to buy and to administer their own business.

A year later Mike (thirty pounds skinnier, working twelve hours to the day and by far taste) and Kimberly they are almost ALIVE, living a dream made reality, like the owners and operators of a flourishing store of diving gear in Kona, Hawaii. So the question that I do to you is: You are listening your heart? Now, we speak of you. There is something really you yearn for and in which you have occurred by won? You have sacrificed a dream that could volverte to the life in exchange for a life that simply ” funcione”? When day arrives at its aim, you will be able to watch back and to say sincerely: ” I was not scared to persecute my sueo”? You will be able to say surely: ” I united my efforts to those of which they were not scared either to persecute his dreams and we touched a wonderful music, and the music that we touched, Amazing! , it marked to the difference in the life of others personas”? We want that you want to work arduously, but this does not mean that you are worn away. Mike is working more duro than ever before, but he is fuller of life than ever because it feels on the matter motivated. Perhaps the moment has arrived for looking for very in the deep thing, of redescubrir your dreams and playing like a crazy person. Fragment removed from the book: BUM!

Cellular Networks

With more of the double of the number of cellular networks that their nearer competitor, more of 92% of the networks are altogether operation and the company it has increased his international circuits to support the considerable increase of the international traffic towards and abroad. During the two last weeks, the technicians of Digicel have worked to later recover the network to the earthquake of the 12 of January. The update is the following one: – New equipment to replace the affected cellular networks is being implemented. More than 60 stores reopened for public attention. 13 airplanes transporting 80.000lbs of equipment, 90.000lbs of provisions and 21,000 lbs. Source: Caterpillar Inc..

of medical and antibiotic provisions they were sent to Haiti from Jamaica. the office of Digicel in Turgeau, Port Prince, is in operation and the majority of the employees already is of return to the work. T-Mobile generously donated four Liberty Jeeps, 35 generators and 2,000 telephones Motorola W160 and shippers to support the aid efforts. Rise Again the collaboration of Digicel with the international artist of music reggae, Shaggy, is transmitted anywhere in the world to the air. All the gains of the sale of the musical subject are destined directly to the Bottom of Aid for Haiti of Digicel. Colm Delves, CEO of the Digicel Group, comments: ” During last the two weeks, we have made an excellent progress in the restoration of the network of Digicel in Haiti. With more of 92% of our cellular networks altogether operation, 8% rest, that is units with the destroyed ceiling, are being replaced with movable cellular units, some already they have been implemented and the surplus is programmed to recover itself during the next weeks.

Gaza Power

After all, the artisan rockets respond to the Israeli violence that are shown with the blockade of Gaza and with the prolonged oppression that comes undergoing its population, devoid of other means in order to do to him in front. This invasion was not necessary: the rise of the blockade would with complete certainty have stopped the launching of the rockets, as numerous Israeli analysts also recognize. An action purely military man will be able to destroy the organization of Hams materially, but it will not take his roots. Rather it will fortify, them. The Palestinians of Gaza know to distinguish between which they have bombed to them indiscriminately and those that come making an effort to alleviate their daily penalties, they showed as it when going freely to the ballot boxes in January of 2005 and to give the triumph to Hams. A new generation of Palestinian terrorists is forming now between the smoky ruins of Gaza. All we will be able to someday undergo the terrible effects of its desperation. Israel – and in it follows the passages of its hegemonic ally thinks that all the problems have military solutions and that the force is the best way to solve them.

Now, in Gaza, sample that only knows to apply the tactics to win a war (if this name is applicable to the invasion of territory) but scorns the strategy that someday could lead to him to La Paz. Its legendary political maneuverability already is discredited: it fights the symptoms without taking care of his deep causes. It is the best formula for the failure in the long term. The correspondent of the BBC in the conference that reunited the Sunday last in Egypt to several leaders implied in the peace process, including the president of the Government of Spain, wrote: All we know that if the peace process gains new life and it raises, like a bird fnix, from ashes of the operation ” Fundido” lead; , the unique person able to obtain it will be Barack Obama. The absence of the United States in this conference was concrete. And the final conclusion at which compulsorily it is arrived is devastating: if everything depends on a person, to whom they have been made fall extreme expectations, the failure probabilities are very great. One is not, in the world of today, nor sign of those personalities that made possible, in other also difficult times, transformations beneficial for all the humanity.

San Francisco

The chain Dunkin Donuts wanted to reflect in its mark indeed this action and incorporated in its name the two key words for its establishments. Starbucks understands that this is vital information. Ebay: The more famous site of auctions receives its name of " East Bay" , one of the districts of San Francisco. The English Cut: Caesar Rodriguez, an Asturian industralist who has made fortune in Cuba, buys in 1935 sastrera the English Cut in the Rompelanzas street of Madrid. The Well: In 1936, Antonio Strong it abri a small business of charcutera in the locality of Alhama (Murcia), in the place of the called town the Well. Endemol: In 1979 John de Mol it creates his own company of productions and during years it only had a rival: Joop goes give Ende, theater industralist whose producer devastated with Holiday on hoists.

In 1994 they are united forming Endemol. Eroski: The name of this cooperative of consumption comes from the contraction in euskera of two words that are translated like " to buy and socio". Freixenet: The Freixenet word comes from " Freixenada" , one builds rich in ashs that from old belong to the Ferrer family, owners of the company. Google: This finder, devised by two students of Stanford in 1995, receives the name of the term whereupon the mathematician Eduard Kasner defined high number 10 to 100. A one followed of one hundred zero, a Googol. Nevertheless, due to an error when registering this name, in the end stayed registered as " Google".

Gore Tex: The secret of this weave, invented by Bob Gore in 1969, is very simple. Its operation is based on which a drop of rainwater is 20,000 times greater than pores of Gore Tex. Whereas the molecule of the aqueous vapour that gives off the body in the form of sweat is 700 times smaller. Hagen-Dazs: The name of these ice creams owns exotic association of the milky target and corresponding to a distant Nordic country.

Office Design

The furniture for office must be adapted for the intention. A fashionable writing-desk, is not necessarily functional. Chairs and tables of style coffee can seem good option in a catalogue, but they are adapted for a company/signature of lawyers? 3. It does not forget extra furniture like archivists, booksellers and writing-desks for computers since these provide additional functionalities and space of storage for their office.

4. Asegrese of which the office furniture is ergonomic. It is important that it is comfortable, elegant and practical. The requirements of health and security must be covered in their totality by the ergonomic design of the furniture. 5.

It divides the office so that it is possible to have separated areas for the different types from personnel. Those that spends all the day on the telephone will have different needs that those that needs space to see the ideas of design or those that need peace and tranquillity. 6. Different moods can be created by means of the use of chairs of different colors, writing-desks or tables. 7. Designs of high tech traditional or wood? What you choose you will depend on the nature of its business. Its furniture can be in fashion nowadays, but it will have elegant appearance in 5 years? 8. It thinks about the impression that it must give his furniture to the clients and to the personnel. The furniture of a company/signature of accountants must be different from a company of graphical design or call to center. The office could be part of a factory or a restaurant or a store, reason why it must be adapted and in accordance with the spirit of the company. A design agency wishes that she appears creative and dynamic, whereas the office of a lawyer wishes that she appears calm and cosy. 9. It thinks the future about, what so easy will be to change layout of his office with mubles chosen? New employees, new technology, new processes and procedures can mean that the office design must change frequently. 10. The good furniture of office alentan to the employees to be more productive, guaranteeing than everything what this at the hand needs, and can carry out their functions without bothering to the others.

Web Money

As all we know, hundreds or even thousands of supplies of work exist nowadays from house by Internet, but the question is here: To make Money By Internet, Will be a Myth Or Is a Reality? Some of these programs to work from house by Internet if they work in the long term but, that is to say you must make an investment and in the end spend some hours to him to the day and give account you of which everything is a fraud and really desire almost nothing but a few dollars after hours and working hours, so that almost in all these supplies of work thousands and thousands of monthly dollars promise to gain, is not thus? The Swindlers and in the end the creators of the system are only those that benefit from all this, is a fact and that is the reality every day thousands and thousands of people are operated in the network with these supplies. The Experts Sure, as well as there is east type of false people in the network and its false business. Also people exist who are expert in all this of the trade by Internet and are people who offer real opportunities of work and to improve the income of the people who need to make more money. These people are expert in these systems, have Degrees and Doctorates credit that them like such: They are prepared to help to the people without obtaining nothing in return or only with a minimum investment. Colleagues and a servant, We have developed a system that deals with the subject which we are speaking, we have an Informative E-book, which you can unload from our Page and you do not have preocuparte, it is completely free!

Worldwide Day

The Earth was not inherited to us by our parents, was lent to us by our children. Luis de Argote and Gngora Majorities and Earth reaches East denominated planet where we dwelled has a world-wide day that it is a celebrated holiday in many countries, like he is it the 22 of April. His promoter, American senator Gaylord Nelson, restored east day to create brings back to consciousness common to the problems of the contamination, the environmental conservation of the biodiversity and other preoccupations to protect the Earth. The Day of the Earth has become an educative and informative event at world-wide level. Groups use the ecological it like occasion to evaluate the environmental problems of the planet: the water, airborne contamination and ground, the destruction of ecosystems, the hundreds of thousand of plants and decimated animal species, and the exhaustion of nonrenewable resources. It is insisted on solutions that allow to eliminate the negative effects of the human activities. It is known, that the first manifestation took place the 22 of April of 1970, promoted by senator and environmental activist Gaylord Nelson, for the creation of an environmental agency. In this call two thousand universities, ten thousand primary and secondary schools participated and hundreds of communities. The social pressure had its profits and the government of the United States created the Environmental Protection Agency (Agency of Environmental Protection) and a series of laws destined to the protection of the Wikipedia environment remembers to us, that: Day of the Earth is a celebration that belongs to people and is not regulated by a single organization or organism; it is not related either to political, national, religious, ideological nor racial vindications. In the Day of the Earth it is reflected on the importance of the vital liquid that is indispensable for the life of the human being like which it is the water since of all the water that exists in the planet only in 2% he is drinkable.

Klein Bibliography

King David in Psalms he says that one must to eat of the effort of its hands. This implies clearly that only hands of the one (that is to say way of behavior) must be involved in obtaining the sustenance. Nevertheless the mind of one must be in the Tor. The restlessness and preoccupation by parnas (sustenance) are totally unacceptable. Then if the money is not everything Why created God to the man so that its satisfaction depended on its work? He would not be better to continue receiving a species of manna? Why said to him God to the man who with the sweat of your front you will eat the bread? The answer is because through work, the man becomes a giver, collaborates with the life. The man was created so that its greater pleasure was derived from its own efforts, God gave a gift him: the capacity to become spiritual and a Divine being, egalitarian partner in the creation, doing, giving, learning, sharing, constructing, receiving, connecting with another dimension. We must remember which is the real objective in our lives and the necessity of the work and produce material goods besides the importance of the numbers of our banking account.

How can be arranged working and the material needs to achieve a more important objective? Then taking to our businesses and works of ethical and honest way, dealing with respect the employees, suppliers, clients or patients, not deceiving them or taking advantage of its naivete or necessity to us, doing charity and giving for charity. Recognizing that is God that it blesses to us with the prosperity, although it is important to act and to work, because aydate so that Give helps you. Including/understanding that each new opportunity to carry out our work is in fact one opportunity to spread Divinity. Doubtlessly it is called on to us to work much to manage to make of this world a home in which dwells God, and mainly work very it last to have, but mainly to manage to be, since the objective to have is to manage to be better individuals. Nelly kaufman of Klein Bibliography: – – Kohelet – Fortune magazine – Original author and source of the article.