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FALSE BRIGHTNESS We know history where a king after having lost all gold of its kingdom, deceived the ones that they passed to far, on the brightness of polishing bronze. From there the said one: ' ' reluz but is not ouro' '. That king deceived the enemy, but, it was deceived exactly itself, without thinking was placing all its reign in danger for the apparent shown wealth, badly wise person it who could there be its vulnerability, here it is that he could be despertando in its enemies the envy covets, it for brilliant the false wealth that exhibited under its power and domain. When we leave in them to seduce for the false brightness that is despertado by ours ' ' eu' ' , ours ' ' ego' ' , and we neglect to be in way to that many times live of false modstia and false impersonation, we can exactly be involved for this half, suffocating our light. History human being is repleta of examples of this.

Biblical history account this, when that king gave its slap-up meal and appeared that hand in the wall writing ' ' Mene, Mene, Tequel and Parsim' ' , this wanting to say that God knows its utensils, knows what It placed inside of its house. When some utensil of inside of the house being placed the strange service is removed and contrary to the way for which it was brought and consecrated, that one that thus makes, runs the risk of being weighed in the scale of Ours Sir. It is not for the executed facts that allow in them to analyze the fidiciary office of the scale, is for the proper scale that is inserted in the Word of God. We know that of the things related to the world spiritual, it wants ours, wants of outrem, are measured by the content that of the cause for the weight through the Word.

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