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The German Research Centre

The product for the time being it will still project natal known as it is supposed to make it possible to communicate with a computer by means of arms and legs, gestures, facial expressions and spoken comments. “Sony would like to with an interactive communication unit’ allow similar”, NZZ reported. An interface, O’Conner, Buxton, which is no longer perceptible as such that it allows people to communicate with machines in a natural way. You can find approaches for a such natural user interface (NUI) for smartphones. Equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, which can register the position of several fingers”, so the NZZ. Software-controlled devices are getting eyes and ears, as well as a balance organ and projecting digital content in the real world”, Sangeeta is safe. Technologies that make eye contact and respond accordingly are still in development.

You navigate documents with the eyes and scrolls to the next page or sent emails. The German Research Centre has first prototypes for Artificial intelligence is presented. There are already devices that work on demand. “New is that especially for gaming consoles voice as most natural ‘ interface keeps indentation”, Sangeeta says. Also the control over gestures should be exciting. She lead to really intuitive use opportunities such as the iPhone. The next big step will be getting displayed digital content in the real world what to augmented reality in the jargon ‘ calls. Computers as we know them today, disappear through miniaturization or hiking in the network”, explains Sangeeta.

To take advantage of the different senses, you need not only rational knowledge, but also emotional understanding, believes Anja Bonelli, business development executive at Telenet. There are currently no mission, which is more complex and at the same time exciting. Especially if the result can be only one, to be crowned by success: easy. Intuitive. Proven. And yet visionary.” Discussion/comments below: NE-na.de/customers-punish…

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