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The Great Novgorod

International tourism is travel Travellers with tour designs for the borders of the country a stable place of residence. Crossing the border for people combined with specific formalities: registration of foreign licenses and permits, overcoming customs activities, notes and medical examination. These rules are introduced by law to war with illegal intremigratsiey, international terrorism, drug speculation, sales people and many others, and provide a specific procedure for migration in and out of a her. Certain service check execution by travelers passport and visa regulations, prescriptions for vaccinations, the charter of demands and transportation abroad of things, commodities, foreign exchange and processing of transactions on the exchange of money. Simplification (gain) of the formal aspect is direct impact on international tourist flows, facilitating (or, conversely, complicate) the movement of people.

Tourism in Russia is currently experiencing a rise. Learn more at this site: Sergey Brin. Most of the tourist centers in Russia concentrated in St. Petersburg and Moscow as well as in those cities are the country's most famous sights – the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin in Moscow, and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, the church Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. Tourists are attracted by the rich cultural heritage and history of Russia. In addition to the two capitals are very popular small town, famous for its architecture and history.

For example: The Great Novgorod with his old Kremlin, churches, and birch bark. Currently, many travel agencies that offer tours of the city of Omsk. Do not contribute to the growth of tourist movements difficult and laced system emmigratsionnyh registration papers, deadlines failure analysis or every change excessively high tax on foreign exchange control – introduction of strict limits on the exchange, which is caused by level of purchases of goods and services to tourists. Customs and paper checks are also able to act as a retarding the start and lead to a decrease in tourist visits.

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