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You do not say what you think. It is possible that you try to control constantly to your pair, to watch over it, and to be pending of everything what does for asegurarte of which does not go away of your side. This thought can create fear, stress, dependency and a difficult coexistence. Now it imagines 4) How it would be your life and your relation of pair if you could not think that you will be unfortunate without your pair? It is very possible, that you relax, that you are calmer and trusting, that you accept that person can enter and leave your life and will be well always. Perhaps you stop feeling the necessity to control it.

That you allow yourself to enjoy the time that lasts the relation, trusting that you will enjoy the life or without pair. Everything feels lighter, and you are more open to the life, and which you can pass you feel more, more real, more abierto to say and to do what you feel You can see the difference of how you would live the life and your relation on pair with that belief and without her? You can see that everything would be easier and harmonious when that belief is not in your mind? Belief 2: The love is to have what you want and to have your covered needs. It is truth? You can know that it is truth with absolute certainty that if your pair loves to you would do what you ask to him or would give you what you think that you need? I ask to you that you take your time to respond That you ask yourself if that really means love and respond with if or a no. Now we see as this belief can affect your life.

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