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It uses and it abuses capital letters, colors and grifos to detach important points. It does not try to take note of everything what it is said in a lesson. It makes distinction between mere details and point-key. Many of the details can quickly be recouped in book-text. It is important to know that to take notes correctamente it implies in following the lesson and to sumarizar points. The act to take notes does not substitute the reasoning.

To be disconcentrated for feeling that important information are being lost when writing down, it is signal of that if it is writing down in excess. It is concentrated in the main points, summarizing them it the maximum. Much blank space leaves and then, as soon as it will be possible, it completes them with the examples and details to extend the general idea. It looks for to read notes of possible lesson whenever after each lesson (and not only in eve of tests), it marks important points and it makes summaries. This is a good way to start its time of study of each day. When rewriting its notes of lesson work, think and verify points. Valley the penalty simply not to recopiar them of form capricious mechanics and. e) READING? Before starting to read a book or the chapter of a book, is interesting to give to it to a chore ' ' in diagonal' ' , that is, to look at quickly the text all.

This will give to a general idea of the subject of the book or chapter and the investment of time that will be necessary for the total reading. During the reading, it stops periodically and it reviews the points mentally main of what it finishes to be read. To the end, it looks at the text again ' ' in diagonal' ' for one fast revision.

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