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Theurer: Bet? We Have To Pay?

Theurer: No, Chancellor: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! Strasbourg / Brussels, 26 March 2010 – the discussion of the evidence of our Chancellor, is fatally in a dangerous and wrong direction. Our money for Greece, so: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! The right question is: why misses Germany Europe? Recently I interviewed who came from the school a 14-year-old history, civics: 1 – What is Europe for you? Response was: nothing! Or take the Kreistagsabgeordneten, what has to do his community volunteering with Europe. All too often the answer is also: nothing! This is yet fatal! Who Europe on numbers or not pay,”reduced jumps definitely too short. Who Europe white understands that the aim is: to learn to know structures and to transfer know-how from each other, with each other, from Europe. We have in the large structures that work, for example, financial and social.

We have but also in the Small structures that work. We look at this us. Specifically:, Germany distinguishes itself by a coverage with voluntary fire brigades. This does not exist in this form in Greece. We all know the devastating consequences. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well.

The same applies to the local self-government and the dual vocational training. But the bad thing is. We talk about money, rather, about how we can help Greece to be able to establish itself in the long term functioning structures. That’s the point in Europe. Europe is not a one-way street, Europe must be a two-track road. The model which transport volunteer fire department after Greece and, for example, the Danish health care system bring to Germany. In our minds, it is to overcome the limitations and blockages so that we overcome the borders of the countries and also across party lines also. For 30 years we have considered a European Parliament administration hurdle, but nobody sees a real sense in it! Europe concerns US all! Michael Theurer, MEP (FDP/ALDE) “The right question is: why misses Germany Europe?” For a discussion and more information, Michael Theurer is available. Please contact the Office in Brussels: Johanna Hasting, Tel. + 32 228 475 72 or.

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