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Thomas Jefferson

The theory of the social contract, in accordance with its three main formuladores, already cited Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, if basea where the rights of the individual are natural and that, in the nature state, all the men are titular of all the rights. The first declaration of the human rights of the modern time is the Declaration of the Rights of Virginia of 12 of June of 1776, written for George Mason and proclaimed for the Convention of Virginia. This great measure influenced Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of the human rights that if exists in the Declaration of the Independence of the United States of America of 4 of July of 1776, as well as also influenced the French National Assembly in its declaration, the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen of 1789 this last one defined the individual and collective right of the people. Since the birth of the Organization of United Nations in 1945, the concept of human rights if has universalizado, reaching a great importance in international the legal culture. In 10 of December of 1948 the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights was adopted and proclaimed for the General meeting of United Nations in its Resolution 217 (III), as reply to the horrors of World War II and as attentive to seat the bases of the new international order that appeared behind the armistice.

Coincidence or not, Universal Declaration of the Human Rights was proclaimed in the same year of the announcement of the state of Israel.A is one of basic documents of United Nations and was signed in 1948. In it, the rights are enumerated that all the human beings possess. Later they had been approved numerous treated international on the substance, among which if they detach the International Pacts of Human Rights of 1966, and had been servant numerous devices for its promotion and guarantee. Some ConsideraesConsiderando that the disdain and the disrespect for the human rights had resulted in barbarous acts that had offended the conscience of the Humanity and that the advent of a world where the all enjoy of freedom and belief, freedom of speech to live the safe one of the fear and the necessity it was proclaimed as the highest aspiration of being common human being, Considering to be essential that the human rights are protected by the empire of the law, so that the human being is not compelled, as last resource, to the rebellion against the tyranny and oppression, Considering that the peoples of had United Nations reaffirmed, in the Letter of the ONU, its faith in the basic human rights, the dignity and the value of the human being and in the equality of rights between men and women, and that they had decided to promote the social progress and better conditions of life in ampler freedom, Considering that State-Member if had compromised to promote, in cooperation with United Nations, the universal respect to the rights and freedoms basic human beings and the observance of these rights and freedoms, National Day of the Rights Human beings (Portugal) the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal, recognizing the importance of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man, a Resolution approved in 1998 in which it institutes that day 10 of December passes to be considered the National Day of the Human Rights.

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