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Although there is no cure, more recent investigations aim to better understand the physiological and psychological mechanisms that entail as a consequence the appearance of tinnitus. The result of these studies translates into new treatments which continue to develop and apply, especially in the United States. Treatments promise to help patients to take ringing, beeps, patters or whistles, caused by tinnitus and manifested with all kinds of alterations in the life of patients suffering from them. Tinnitus, which generally occur in people whose lifestyle requires them to permanent overexposure to noise, are beginning to find a palliative, via a small device like an MP3 player, which to emit a sound that encompasses the auditory spectrum, manages to mask the tinnitus. With a similar sound, similar to the broadband, allows to be adapted to the hearing who uses it and is used two hours a day, for six months. Among the benefits of this treatment is the relieve the constant anxiety causing this discomfort. According to the latest studies, the effectiveness of this method is tested in 90% of cases. Among the significant advantages with respect to other treatments, it is the shortest time that must be used.

Other methods to cure tinnitus developed primarily in Europe, include the surgical implantation of electrodes. In addition, numerous drugs that alter levels of various neurotransmitters as serotonin or dopamine used to treat alcoholism, depression or Alzheimer’s brain have managed to significantly decrease tinnitus. Beyond the differences, treatments to cure tinnitus that are investigated or develop in the world share the goals of alleviating this ear symptom, noisy modern life refjejo. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

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