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USD Daily Resistance

Also recorded highs in the 1.8671 area, and apparently the couple achieved a break in the trend. The EUR continued after GBP, as expected, showed minimal area of 1.4602, and highs in the 1.4769 area within established ranges. There were several operators buy the pair at night, given the uncertainty about the U.S. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Charles Schwab. economic plan. The USD / JPY stops found in the area of 106.30/50, maximum recorded in Asia in the area of 106.33, before falling; minimum recorded in the area of 105.46 to achieve some stability after the start of the New York session. Apparently the pair will be around the 106.00 area.

The Swissy and Loonie continued both in established ranges, and we expect the next move, which will depend to a large extent by the reaction of economic plan to be announced. In my view, the USD has implications depending on what happens to the business plan, as confidence in the market will be affected, a lack of trust asset liquidations occur in dollars, and an economic plan that creates trust, probably will lead to a cut in interest rates. It seems the basic data of the United States long-term cause a drop in the greenback, although a successful plan could generate some temporary euphoria in the market, creating sales opportunities. All eyes are focused on the possible bailout. Have a good weekend. GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.8750 Resistance 2: 1.8700/10 Resistance 1: 1.8680 New York: 1.8537 Support 1: 1.8450 Support 2: 1.8420/30 Support 3: 1.8380 Comments The pair was double bass action at night, and began in low in New York.

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