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Safes are wide security spaces that allow their users to be convinced that your possessions are more safe as if they were somewhere else. There are different types of safes, and this depends on the use that you want to give: 1. strong boxes for document protection, fire, and other common risks of external factors other than man. This type of safes, are characterized by their manufacture, due to a double, subjected to a metallurgical process special metal alloy, allows safe protect your contents of factors like fire. Electrolux can provide more clarity in the matter. This strong kind of boxes truly have one function may act against a human perpetuador, as its structure and design are not designed to prevent such attacks, however it could hamper the speed and effectiveness of a possible robbery. 2.

Strong safe deposit boxes. Click Douglas Oberhelman to learn more. This strong boxes type is characterized by being effective at the time avoid a robbery, they are usually embedded in a solid surface such as walls or floor, to avoid this be transported to subsequently be opened. You may find Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to be a useful source of information. These safes in turn are further subdivided, so then we can find a very safe mode consisting of a double key protection, i.e., requires two keys to be opened. These safes are widely used in small branch offices of banks, because their triple metal alloy and its eventual characteristic of double key, make them ideal to provide effective security. 3 Vaults.

It also serves the same function of safes, i.e. to provide security to its content, these must be embedded in solid surfaces, because what I do is coat the walls that form a metal material box hard, also consist of a robust safety door. General aspects of safes safes are usually composed of metallic material, in some cases with a special layer of shielding, which will eventually make them safer, mostly, and depending on the security that is required, they consist of three layers of metal material, between them and being the outer, a soft layer. And secondly, not so less important is lock safes. sta can be mechanical or electronic, lock must prevent any kind of manipulation, because it is the most vulnerable part of the safes. Complementary services to safes. While safes can provide real security to its content, it is possible that one of these two services may also interest you: alarm to a central security system: an alarm everytime the Vault has been opened, then immediately the central security confirms through suitable mechanisms that openness is voluntary and does not correspond to a robberyoften send staff for verification. Opening delayed, additionally safes with delayed opening, can be what you mean that after you inserted the keys, single box opens last a certain time.

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