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Ubiquitous democracy Pavel Mayer, Managing Director of ART + COM technologies, presented Web-based approaches for a ubiquitous democracy. His main thesis was: “Against the background of a multisektorialen transition to the information society lacks the central actors in bioeconomy – and adaptation ability”. So were the problems of parliamentary democracy, the participation through the Internet to integrate, the symptoms of a critical change in the political decision-making process. Details can be found by clicking Titan Feul Tanks or emailing the administrator. New democratic participation and decision forms are needed for Mayer, in the Pirate Party currently under the term “liquid democracy” be discussed. For the participants of such democracy would be to decide where on the continuum between representative and direct democracy he would hold up for yourself at any time.

At any time. This means that I can say, for example, as a participant: “for tax law, I would like the Greens by the SPD party, for environmental policy of the party and for the education by the private individual, Mr. Muller represented are.” The decision about the new higher education admission law at the universities of I would like to vote for but itself.” Crucial for this mix principle is that one no longer needs to decide for a bunch of principles as it offers such as a party, but you choose the experts depending on the topic, you trust or decide. The Organizer Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag, Ph.d.., of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Prof.

Dr.-ing. Robert Tolksdorf of the free University of Berlin and Rainer Thiem, Chairman of the Board of the Xinnovations e. V. see in the high number of participants one Confirmation of the event concept. Target now is to attack the impulses from the various forums and workshops, she then in the sense of permanent innovation Forum in real and virtual forums to discuss and to make new innovative projects. From the perspective of Rainer Thiem, the Xinnovations are ideally suited to convey the innovation culture in Berlin in the area of network-based information technologies. More about the permanent innovation Forum under: the Xinnovations 2010 find of the 13th-15th September 2010 held at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. Thank you the organizer with following companies and institutions for the financial and moral support of the 2009 Conference: the InvestitionsBank Berlin (IBB), IBM Germany GmbH, 3-point concepts GmbH, AdjuMedics GmbH, AM-SoFT systems, Amt24 – the E-Government competence network, ART + COM AG, ART + COM technologies GmbH, BGS Condat AG, system planning, Corporate Semantic Web, DAV IT Law – Association of information technology, EsPresto AG, eTracker AG, Fallsoft GmbH, FIZ CHEMIE Berlin, Fraunhofer Institute for production systems and design technology IPK, GEYER-GRUPPE, gom Gesellschaft fur optical metrology, HealthCapital Berlin Brandenburg, hiwave.net, University of technology and Economics in Berlin, HORATIO GmbH, IfG.CC – the Potsdam e-Government competence center, IHK Berlin, index GmbH, initiative D21, ixellence, M + network of the metal and electrical industry in the capital region, M.ITCONCEPT GmbH Berlin, MPDV GmbH, optivo GmbH, PAUX technologies, projektron GmbH, PROZEUS PSI production GSI mbH, QMETHODS, secrypt GmbH, SIEMENS IT solutions, thdata GmbH, TSB Innovation Agency Berlin GmbH, ubigrate GmbH, Vikora network of excellence, competence center eCOMM Berlin, Witte Office technology, xpuls business solutions contact: Rainer Thiem Xinnovations e. V. Kleist street 23-26 10787 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 21001 470 email:

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