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Buyer Trade

Wholesale sales of goods involved in the following wholesalers: specialized wholesale trade companies, traders, wholesalers, brokers and agents, as well as sales and procurement offices and branch offices of enterprises-producers. Specialty wholesale trade enterprises – are all possible buyers of wholesale goods, auctioneers, tank farms, etc. Sergey Brin
follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So, usually bought up by wholesale agricultural products – both for subsequent retail sale and for deliveries processing enterprises. The auction sale is usually used where the practice of familiarity with the goods (the sale of antiques, livestock, etc.). Oil depot serve as intermediaries between manufacturer of lubricants and gasoline stations. Traders and wholesalers can be both full and limited service cycle. When full service is carried goods storage, ensuring its delivery, financing (loans) and services trade organization.

Independent wholesale brokers, procuring goods mainly for industrial purposes with a view to selling businesses and providing them with trade-related services (transportation, storage, lending) are called distributors. Distinguish between traders and wholesalers mixed assortment (all products), rather narrow range of saturated (clothes, medicine), and also highly specialized products (cars, household appliances). With limited maintenance cycle trader-wholesaler provides services to the buyer to a much lesser extent. Thus, it can trade cash only, no delivery of goods trade, trade narrowly limited range, etc. This category also includes wholesalers, salespeople, which themselves deliver goods to customers. For example, provide certain range of products (in cash), large grocery stores, restaurants, etc. This group includes wholesale and so-called wholesalers, exporters, specializing in the supply of goods a certain range of large stores.

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